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Updated on March 09, 2008
K.S. asks from Carrollton, TX
5 answers

We are going to finally take our almost 2 year old on an airplane and I need a lightweight durable umbrella stroller. Any suggestions? Anything to keep in mind or stay away from?

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So What Happened?

Okay, I got the Maclaren Volo! I love it! My son really seems to like it as well. No cup holder was easily solved, they sell cup holders at BRU you can put on there for about $7. Also, it almost seems as though he is in a bit of a recline position just sitting in it, so the recline option was not as big a deal as I thought. Thanks to all of you for your input!!

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MACLAREN - they are a little more expensive, but they are awesome for travel and around town when needed. Target has them.
And, if you didn't already know, most airlines will check the stroller at the entry to the plane!



answers from Dallas on

Absolutely MacLaren! Love, love, love mine that is almost 3 years old and just started to squeak. My daughter is still not walking (she has mild CP) and has been in this stroller since 6 months old. The truimph reclines to a sleeping position and is reasonably priced. I can't rave enough about it! Light and durable, only con is no cup holder and a little more expensive than the others -- but worth it.



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I bought a combi. I'm not sure why someone would say to stay away from them unless they didn't know to release all 4 wheels. It will recline all the way back (McClaren doesn't do this) in case my little one is asleep and it is very durable. Also, it folds up nicely and has a strap on the back so that I can carry it across my back and have my hands free.

I got mine at BRU. It was an extra floor model, so I got it for nearly half the price.




answers from Houston on

Maclaren strollers! My friend has 3 kids, & she on her 12th stroller. She is my Stroller Queen. She says to stay away from Combi, & that Maclaren is worth the money. I just bought a Maclaren.



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I have the Chicco umbrella stroller, about $50 at BRU I think. Its easy to use and my son really seems to like it!

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