Good Swingset for a 2-Year-old?

Updated on April 06, 2009
K.M. asks from Gardner, MA
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My son will be turning 2 in June, and our parents have offered to pitch in to buy him a swingset for our backyard. Does anyone have any suggestions for what brand/type to purchase? I want one that will last at least a few years without him outgrowing it, but I also want one that is going to be fun for him this summer, too.

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answers from Hartford on

Hi K.,

When my daughter was 2 1/2 we bought a swingset from Timbergyms in Newington. They are really great! It can grow with them, so you do not have to buy one at different ages.

If you have not heard of them, you can actually go and see several of their swingsets all set up. They have a play time during the week. We had our daughters 3rd birthday party there too. We have had our swingset going on two years in May and we have not had any issues. We have the 5x5 swingset. We felt this one was more stable. Our backyard has no shade and the wind can pick up pretty nice in our backyard. There are a lot of companies out there. I would look online and then visit them. If your family is handy you can buy gymsets at Sams, Cosco or BJs. Timbergyms will come out once a year and seal for $100 the wood from cracking etc or you can buy the stuff from them and do it yourself. We didn't have time last year, but this year we are going to do it ourselves. There are so many different options from a sandbox, table, rock wall, and baby swings and regular swings too. My 20 month old loves the slide and adults can even slide down the slide. They usually have deals going on now too. Watch the mail for those flyers or even their website too. The owner is really great to work with. Most of the time he is off on Wednesdays and he answers the phone. I just went to their websites and there are a couple of coupons on the site. I went back and forth to get a used one vs a new one and with the help of both grandparents helping we were able to get a really nice but not too expensive one.
Hope this helps! This is a great time to be looking. Get ready now, because they get busy over the next couple of months and we waited two weeks for ours to be delivered.

Adults can have fun too, remember to enjoy!

Mom of a 4 1/2 and 20 month old girls
I work full time out of the house.

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answers from Boston on

I got a nice wooden swingset from walmart. It was more expensive than the metal ones but cheaper than a creative play one. My 2.5 and 1 year old love it. Have a great summer!



answers from Boston on

We bought our twins a Creative Playthings swingset. They were having a great Labor Day sale (yes, LABOR DAY) that included free installation and a free climbing wall. Even tho it was the end of the summer, they still played on it well into November. They're fave thing in winter is to slide down it into the snow.

Previously, for the summer, we'd had a tall Fisher-Price slide - we set the end into a kiddie pool, and a hose up at the top, so they had a water slide.



answers from New London on

He's a bit young for a large climber/swingset. We had one for our older daughter and our 2-year old was always trying to climb up on it. It caused me so much extra work to keep her off and she was always upset!
I would recommend one of the Little Tykes plastic climbers, with the slide and tunnel. This way he can safely use it now and for a year or two. Then look into purchasing a large swingset when he is old enough to safely use it on his own.



answers from Boston on

We have a creative playthings swingset (and love it) and some climbers and plastic slides as well. You just have to watch your kids on everything. Teach them to not walk in front or behind a swing/glider when someone is using it. Also, you as an adult need to be aware of what your child can handle. We kept our high off the ground playhouse closed on 3 sides so (any) children would not be in danger of falling out till the kids were 3+...And always use mulch or playground filler under the swing set to help prevent injuries..



answers from Springfield on

purchase a nice wooden one they are expensive but you will get year and years out of it. my 2yr old plays on the large wooden swingset that his aunt has and does pretty good I just stand w/ him when he is going on the ladder to make sure he doesn't fall they have up the baby/toddler swings right now but the big boy swings will be up in a few years. The cost of those little tikes swing sets are expensive and you will only get a year or two get a wooden one you will get at least 5-8 years or more if you have more children especially girls little girls never seem to grow out of swinging on swings.



answers from Pittsfield on

boy...I can't tell you how many times my kids got hurt from a it at a park or out in my yard. stay away from them if you can. As a matter of fact they are now banned from daycare centers because of accidents.

Buy a nice climber and slide. When your child is about 7 he'll be into bikes, skatebords and driveway activities like basketball you won't need any thing else.

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