Good Starter Chapter Book to Read to Almost 5 Year Old Before Bed

Updated on February 18, 2015
R.S. asks from Lone Tree, CO
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I have a bunch of favorite childhood chapter books but I feel like most are for a little bit older kids. Does anyone have some good starter books that we can continue through more then one evening. My daughter is almost 5. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

So many great ideas, some of them I remember reading on my own as a child, others that were read aloud to me. Brings back great memories. We have been reading Shel Silversteen lately and she does love those poems. I'm going to give her 3-4 choices at the library this week to get started. Thanks!

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oh, go with the classics! it breaks my heart how few kids are being delighted and inspired by the beautiful old children's books any more!
charlotte's web. the wind in the willows. black beauty. pooh. narnia. james and the giant peach. rascal. the call of the wild. misty of chincoteague. king of the wind. alice. babar. grimm's fairy tales.
gah! i need grandbabies!!!!!!!
:) khairete

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answers from Dallas on

We started with Charlotte's Web after my son saw the cartoon.

June B Jones books are popular with the kindergarten set. But the books have horrible grammar and the main character can be a little smart mouthed, so some mamas I know don't like to read her to their kids.

The Narnia books were great to read aloud. My kids liked those from an early age.

Both of my kids were obsessed with The Chocolate Touch too.

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answers from Seattle on

This an awesome question! before I give you my ideas, do remember that reading TOO your child is what is important too, so even if the book is slightly old for her, it's ok, as long as she isn't bored. It might take the actual reading a bit longer because she may have questions or you might want to explain something in the story, but I say go for it. Kids just love being read to, as long someone is spending time with them. And as an added bonus, reading helps with literacy skills once they are in school Good job for incorporating reading into your lives.

Also, I'd go the library sometimes and just let her pick out the books occasionallly too. Have fun and keep reading! Isn't 5 fun?

Here are my suggestions:

1. The Ramona Quimby books. Start with the books that have Ramona in kindergarten (she ages trough the series)> Google the books or ask the librarian about them.

2. The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery. This not a chapter, it's just one long story, but could be broken up into two or three nights or reading.

3. Peter Pan by Sir J.M. Barrie.

4. Wind in the Willows by Grahame. I believe there are other books in this series, but this series, but this is the only onr I own.

5. The Frog and Toad series. Can't remember the author.

6. Where the Sidewalk Ends, by Shel Silverstein. Again, not a chapter book, but instead a fun book of poetry aimed at young children, and promises to elicit a giggle from everyone!

7. Trumpet of the Swan or Stuart Little by E.B. White.

8. Bonjour Babar. He might be a little old for this series, but I enjoyed all through 1st grade. While not a true chapter book, each book is like a chapter in the series. The stories are about a group of French elephants, with mom and Dad being kind and queen of the monarchy. I think there are 6or 7, maybe 8 books in each series, sac one in a new stories. You can read these much like a chapter book---one Babar story each night until done. And they are written in such a way that your so might be able to help you read.The author is Jean du Brunhoff.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Mouse and the motorcycle series by Bevery Cleary. My kids loved them at that age.

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answers from Phoenix on

SB, I forgot about The Chocolate Touch!!! My first grader loves Roald Dahl, the whole Wizard of Oz series (you can get all 13 books as an ebook for about $2), Ralph S Mouse/Mouse and the Motorcycle, Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass, the How to Train Your Dragon books, the Ink heart books, the first few Harry Potter books. It is so much fun rediscovering these books and finding new ones! The Riders of Pern series and the Little House series are on our to do list. Have fun!

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answers from Reading on

Little house series.

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answers from Cleveland on

My daughter loved the rescue princess chapter books. It is a whole series. She is almost 6.

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answers from Abilene on

Stuart Little, Charlotte's Web, a Little Princess, Black Beauty, Wind and the Willows, Little House on the Prairie, Magic Tree House, Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

You can also ask your librarian. I homeschool and literature is a delight in our house. If your child is disinterested in a particular book, put it away and try another. There are so many great books. It is more important to make reading an enjoyable time than to finish a particular book.


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answers from Rochester on

We read Charlotte's Web to our daughter when she was 4. We also started reading the Little House series. The Mercy Watson series by Kate diCamillo was another favorite then. The Fudge series by Judy Blume is good. You can find Magic School Bus chapter books. Junie B. Jones books and the Magic Treehouse series are favorites at that age. The Pain and the Great One books by Judy Blume are good too.

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answers from Chicago on

Definitely all the "Little House on the Prairie" books! I read all of them to both my girls. They loved them. And I really enjoyed reading them again!

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answers from New York on

I think you might be meaning specifically books but I just wanted to remind you of Shell Silverstein! 5 is a great age for all the imagination his poems bring out! He has 3 or 4 books just like "where the sidewalk ends" and they are all great.

I love the flow of rhyming books before bed. I don't know why :)
But the kids LOVE them. The poems are short. You can do 5-10 easily in a just a few minutes.

My kids are 11, 9 & 7 & now that they can all read I find they

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answers from Washington DC on

Anything by AA Milne .... All kids like love Pooh.

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answers from Chicago on

Horrible Harry
June b Jones
Amelia bedelia
Charlotte s web
Stuart little
The little princess
Mrs piggle wiggle
Little house on the prairie
Magic tree house
Pet pals

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answers from San Antonio on

I wrote a book titled The Forgotten Grandchildren that can be purchased at

Put my name in the search box
R. W.

She will enjoy it.

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answers from Denver on

Any Magic Treehouse books are good, though I'd start with the 1st one.

I read a book called "Skipper and Sky" about a dog and a cat to my oldest when he was about 5, and he loved it.

Have fun!

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answers from Kansas City on

My daughter LOVES the Rainbow Fairies Series. There are TONS of them! We started reading those when she was 4-5, she's 7 now and still loves them. They are short-ish chapter books so you can finish them within a week easily.

I agree that the classics that you liked are probably still relevant, especially if your child likes to read.

I also have a 5 year old son and here are some of the books we all like to read:
Captain Underpants books (chapters are very short and funny!)
Magic Tree House
mysteries like Clue, Cam Jansen, and Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew
Junie B. Jones
Horrible Harry

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answers from Houston on

We did the Ramona books with our DD and even little brother enjoyed listening to them.



answers from San Antonio on

My son is 6. He LOVES Magic School Bus, any Junie B Jones, CHarlotte's Web, Beverly Cleary books, and Bad Kitty chapter books. :)



answers from Toledo on

My niece loved Ivy and Bean.



answers from Boston on

The Henry & Mudge books, the Annie & Snowball books both by Cynthia Rylant

The Iris and Walter books By Elissa Guest

The Little Bear series.

Have fun reading!
T. Y

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