Good Start Formula vs Similac vs Nutramigen

Updated on September 24, 2010
P.D. asks from Portland, TX
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I have been breastfeeding my daughter pretty much exclusively until about 6 weeks old when I started supplementing more with formula. I had tried the Similac Advanced early on b/c it claimed to be more like breastmilk. But I had to eliminate dairy in my diet b/c it caused her lots of gas and colic. Since then we have gotten some prescription colic meds and have been using mylicon a lot and its better. I eventually switched to Nutramigen. It is so expensive and since I am doing half breastmilk half formula bottles for when I go to work, I would like something less expensive. I was thinking about going to a soy formula, but have been reading here that many moms like the Good Start. Also Good Start has been sending me coupons I am hoping she will like it. I am going to buy one more can of Nutramigen and a can of Good Start. Let me know how you have handled going from Nutramigen to another formula...or just your experience with formulas and milk sensitive babies.

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So What Happened?

Well we had to go back to Nutramigen, but luckily a girl I work with is on WIC and her son is almost a year and is no longer taking Nutramigen, so she had like 40 cans of concentrate at her house. She gave them to me and we are gonna see how that works for now. Thanks for everyone's information. Similac sent me some coupons with this recent recall and I may try the Alimentum.

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My baby had such bad gas and colic we put her on enfamil for gas and fussiness. She has done much better on and if you go on their website will send you tons of coupons. Also my doctor said if you eliminate the mylicon they seem to do better. We did and she is much better or grew out of it.

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My son also had bad colic, here's what I learned. If you are going to switch formulas, please check with your pediatrician first especially since you are breastfeeding and she is on colic meds. My son was colicky and certain formulas can cause havoc on the tummy even though they say they are gentle or hypoallergenic. See if your doctor can give you free samples.

Just my 2 cents,


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my son hated how good started tasted...he absolutely refused it. lol. my sisters kids were on it for a while--- no problems. I am partial to similac senstive, son has GERD...but like others i have heard that insurance will pay for it with a prescription...may be worth trying.



answers from Tampa on

Hi myname is N. and i have a 5 month old boy,
when he was born he had to get air liffted to another hospital
i seen him 5 min in two days and i could not tart breastfeedin when i wanted but he ended up getting the gold colored milk then they had me breast feed a little wile longer then he went on similack, wrong thing to do.
he got runns and wouldent go to the bathroom for days.
i now have him on goodstart and its the best so far.
good start deffintly.



answers from Philadelphia on

I breast fed and supplemented with Good Start. This worked very well, but we didn't try the others. They do pretty regularly give you coupons. Good luck!



answers from Oklahoma City on

My dd is mspa(milk soy protien allergic). We did the breastmilk, I had tocut the dairy out (still do). We used enfamil prosobee (leaving hospital) switched to target brand soy still didn't get better with colic, gas,constipation, Stomach bloating, painful burps. With both formulas. We then were put on aliementum similac. We have a whole new baby! Burps are easy, stomach bloating gone, gas and colic have become none existant. Her baby acne, which was getting worse is completly gone. She now sleeps 5 hours at a time at night eats 3 1/2 -4 oz and back to bed. We also have to put rice in her bottles due to he vomiting everything she ate every feeding. So she has had a cereal bottle since she was 1 month old at bed time. We also use too the gas drops in each bottle and after each feeding we were trying everything. Anywho- alimentum is pricey but worth the comfort she gets. We also are lucky to get coupons and the dr gives us samples when we do our well visits. We are very pleased with it. We have never tried the good start it gave my son diareah so bad it burnt his bottom with blisters. Ps dd is 10 weeks old. Hope this helps.



answers from Grand Rapids on

I would derfinatly go with good start. Every company will tell you that they are most like breast milk, and Good Start really is. if you do reasearch on them, one thing you will see is that good start has the LEAST varieties. I believe it's only 2 and then the soy one. They have so few because they have it so broken down. The difference in ALL similac and enfamil varieties is just how broken down the proteins are. good start starts off being broken down so far that the babies dont' have a problem at all.



answers from Boston on

When my cousin's little girl needed nutramigen for reflux/colic she was able to get a prescription from her pediatrician and her insurance covered it. If your daughter has colic and gas that was bad enough that you had to eliminate dairy from your diet then Good Start probably won't be that good for her because it does contain dairy. And you should discuss any formula changes with your ped.



answers from Chicago on

My daughters both had Good Start from the beginning, and neither ever had any tummy troubles at all. They also liked the taste of it, and I didn't think it smelled as weird as the other formulas. They are now both happy, healthy, intelligent little girls.



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please watch the news, I just heard that simalac was reaclled due to insect parts. My DD was colicy and we went from emfamil (yellow can) to the Gental ease (purple can) to soy (blue can) and only using the mylocon drops she was a bit better. We thought about going to nutramigen but gave the soy enough time (aleast 2-3 weeks) to help and we stuck with it. When I switched to milk at a year I make the bottle with whole milk,6oz with 2oz or milk. I upped the milk by 2oz every week until she had all milk and it worked well. I always error on the side of causion so I don't know if you have to switch to milk so slow but I would do it like that again if I get the chance. My DD is 2 1/2 and enfamil didn't have the gold formula which I think is called premium but I for sure would have used that. If you call Enfamil and tell them you want to use gental ease or soy they will send those coupons and a couple of free cans. Good luck!!



answers from Detroit on

Due to medical problems I was unable to breastfeed both my girls more than a month. They both had issues with reflux (were on meds to help with it). We tried every type of formula for my oldest and had the best success with Good Start. She had the easiest time tolerating it. When my second was born we tried Similac at first, but she was literally vomiting after every feeding, we switched to Good Start and never looked back.

Good luck



answers from Detroit on

I had similar issues with my daughter - who is now 13 by the way! Dr. started me off with Nutramigen to supplement my breasfeeding as well... way too expensive! We switched to Good Start - best thing we ever did!! It worked even better than Nutramigen! We used the powder so we were able to use filtered water when we made the formula.

Target has Good Start on sale sometimes too!

Warning: Do not put your child on soy unless you absolutely have to... soy messes with the hormones.

Side note: my daughter's stomach issues ended up being that her body does NOT produce enough acid, so we need to give her a pill with the stomach acids in it 15-30 minutes before she eats a meal. Works like a charm! This was discovered by a chiropractor after being mistreated by various top "Blue" GI specialists who even operated on her to stop her reflux when she was 10 years old - waste of a surgery! Yes, your body will reflux when it doesn't produce enough acid...

I commend you for still BF while working... that is a awesome commitment!

Enjoy your baby! Hope this info. helps!

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