Good Potty Training Books for How to Train Boys?

Updated on September 06, 2011
A.W. asks from Brea, CA
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Hi Mommies! My two year old boy is not quite ready for potty training yet, but wanted to start reading a couple books on potty training to get tips and advice (like I really have time for reading, being a Mommy of an infant and toddler-LOL) Anyway, do you guys have any tips or advice on starting potty training, recommend any good potty seats, and can you recommend any good potty training books for parents and also for toddler boys? How old were your kids when you started training? I have heard boys start later than girls do. Thanks a bunch!! :)

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answers from Minneapolis on

Book: The Potty Book for Boys

Movie: Elmo's Potty Time

Potty Chair: Froggy Potty, $13, best potty chair!

I started encouraging my son go pee at about 16 months on the potty, and he was interested, so I ran with it. I read many books to him about the potty, we watched movies about the potty, I let him spend time outside naked in the summer so that he would pee and I could point it out to him and keep mentioning the potty. In the bath, if he peed, I would talk to him about putting his pee in the potty. We played with his toys and pretended they were going on the potty. I said again and again that big boys go on the potty and he can do it too! I praised him like crazy, eventually tried stickers, cheap toys, treats, keeping him in underwear even if he was having accidents, etc.

And you know what, I WISH I had not tried so hard, because at 3 1/2 something just clicked and he finally did it all on his own. He wanted to go. He was proud of it, too. Apparently this is how it works with boys [at least I've been told by the moms I've talked to about it].
So I say, yes, encourage him, but don't put much effort into potty training at all until he is at least 3 years old. It's not necessarily a total waste of time, but the reality is, he will go when he is ready and not a second sooner.

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answers from Dayton on

My DD loved the "Once Upon a Potty" dvd.
It's old and silly and "The Potty Song" gets stuck in your head...but hey, the kid liked it, so be it.

My DD didn't train until she was nearly 3.5 though she expressed interest at 18 months. Once she trained though, we rarely had a accident and she was night trained too. Worth the wait, IMO.

My tips: Don't expect too much, too soon. Don't use Pull-Ups, they are counter productive. Keep it light and fun, never punish. (Saw this w/ my niece and the outcome was horrible.) Don't use the M&M reward system, unless you want a pretend peeing, chocoholic.

Potty seats...I kept one downstairs because we only have a bathroom upstairs...My advice, just get a cushy insert if you have potty(s) close by. The nightmares that little potty caused me...sigh. : /


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answers from Phoenix on

My boys loved "Everybody Poops" which encourages going in the toilet. Pull-ups totally slowed down the learning process for my first. With our second boy, I put him in an underwear and shorts while on vacation at a tropical, all-tile resort (so now worries about wetting any carpets) and he learned to go in 1 day.
They did better with the toilet seat covers/adapter than the potty.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My just turned two year old daughter is sitting on the potty as I type this. She started going poop on the potty a few months ago. She's pretty good about recognizing the urge and will ask to sit down. She's not quite there with the pee yet. We put her to sit down throughout the day and we'll spend a few hours in big girl undies or pull ups everyday - a lot of the time we have success, sometimes we don't - but we just haven't forced it. One challenge is that she doesn't mind being wet. Sometimes between potty sessions, she'll have an accident in her undies and just go about her business. We check out tons of books from the library. She has two potty books right now and one is The Potty Train with a little boy as the main character. I know there are Elmo potty training videos which you may be able to find online. A friend of mine had a potty party where all the moms and babies came over with their potties and watched the video. It seems easier when you (and your child) have support from others! And we inherited a Boon potty. It's functional and quite stylish!

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answers from Honolulu on

I have a girl and boy.
With both of them I used the Baby Bjorn potty chairs.
And I left it out in the room wherever they were. Because, potty chairs are portable... and in the beginning a child cannot hold their bladders long... to walk to the bathroom.

Anyway, a kid will potty train when they are ready.
My daughter was 2, my son was already 3.
They both, did it when they were ready, by their own timing.
I never nagged them about it.
It was, them that was ready.
And then I just left them naked on the bottom at home.

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answers from Los Angeles on

well I didn't read books:) but my friend gave me her trick and my boys are 19 and 17 now:) but it worked:) You put glitter on the potty in the middle. then you tell him to try to hit the glitter and as they pee it moves around and they are amazed at what shapes it does. I hope this helps! let me know:) good luck!!!!


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answers from Las Vegas on

We read books about going to the bathroom (kids books where they go), which always got my son interested. I didn't read anything else, although tried to do research online (no help). Doesn't really matter what type of potty seat, sometimes kids just don't like them. I would let him choose if I were you (we bought one when my son was pretty young).

My son was 2 and a half when he started using the potty. We had worked on it a little before that, if he seemed interested, I would help him, but I didn't push it. Once he understood what he was supposed to do, I put him in underwear and just went with it. We used some thicker underwear (in the infant section at places like Target), but then moved to normal underwear pretty soon after. I tried taking him to the bathroom every couple of hours or so, but he didn't like that, he wants to have total control of when he goes (I do remind him though). I also didn't put diapers back on, and didn't use pullups or anything. He did have diapers for maybe a week at naps and night, but then he didn't want them, and he didn't have accidents, so we stopped using them. I did have to clean up some messes, but that is part of the territory. If he hadn't progressed, I would have rethought my plan with the underwear, but it worked for us. Just let it happen, if he's interested, be interested too, but don't force. Also, my son turns 3 tomorrow and it has gone really well for 6 months. He does still occasionally have accidents, but very rarely, and normally only when something is off (sickness, etc).

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