Good Podiatrist Needed in the Downtown Chicago Area

Updated on August 21, 2009
L.I. asks from Chicago, IL
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I was diagnose with Plantar Fasciitis (caused by heel spurs) last year. I did not like the Podiatrist that I went to. I felt that her bedside manners and her office staff needed some improving. I am having another flair up and desperately need to find another Podiatrist to take a look at my feet. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your responses to my post.

I decided to give Dr. Timothy Kruse at 30 W. Chicago Ave. Phone####-###-#### a try.

Dr. Kruse gave me a Cortisone shot in each foot. Initially it was very painful but as the initial pain wore off I had instant relief. By the time I got home from my visit (20 minutes later) I was no longer feeling any pain. He wrapped my feet to give me extra arch support and designed daily therapy for me that consist of stretching exercises. He also took molds of my feet so that he could order me orthotics. All of this in just one visit. It is the first time in over a year that my heels, knees and hips are not hurting me.

Dr. Kruse has a wonderful beside manner and he is very aggressive in how he designs his treatments. He uses a combination of treatments instead of just relying on one. His staff is very friendly and professional. I have follow-up visits every week until my orthotics come in. Thus far I have not had any problems with miss-scheduling of appointments or bad attitudes from his staff. Dr. Kruse and his staff are a step way above and beyond the first podiatrist I went to and I am so happy to have found them.

Thank you Maryanne S. for the recommendation.

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I love Dr. Mark Pietz

My mom goes to him and loves him too. He has an office downtown and on the north side, at Illinois Masonic.

S. P.



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Hello L., about four weeks ago, my husband was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis. It is NOT heal spurs, but an inflammation of the three ligaments that make up the arch. I went with him for his second appointment, because my husband could not explain the diagnosis to me. We went to Dr. Timothy Kruse at 30 West Chicago Ave. Phone####-###-####. His treatment consisted of an anti-inflammatory (Noproxin), he gave him a new removable bandage, each visit, to support the arch, and he took molds for orthotics for his shoes, that he picked up last week. He also suggested treating the arches with a cold pack, when possible. My husband has shown quite a bit of relief, with all of the combined treatment.
Surprisingly enough, I had this condition over ten years ago, and I remember having so much pain in my feet, that I would hang my feet over then end of the bed and cry myself to sleep at night! When I went to my foot doctor (up at Lincoln & Irving) he prescribe a similar plan. He said mine was caused by tight footed support stockings, shoes with no support, and a sudden weight gain. I took the anti-inflammatory (same that my husband was given) but it upset my stomach. He made the orthotic inserts for my shoes (I still use them today!) and I almost always wear them in well made support shoes for work. In the summer, when I am mostly barefoot at home eves and weekends, the pain returns. Look at Plantar Fasciitis on the internet. It can somehow lead to heal spurs, but it isn't there yet! Take time for some serious foot care!
Mom to a thirteen month old boy with another on the way, due December 2nd.



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I have a really great podiatrist Dr. Richard McCoy, Mercy Medical @ Dearborn Station. He has great manners, give him a try.



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I can't give you a recommendation for a podiatrist but I can tell you what worked for me. I have tried various inserts and and specialized boots and socks with no positive results. I then bought a pair of MBT shoes and within a month I no longer had Plantar Fasciitis. The shoes take a little getting used to but I find that they really help and I haven't had a recurrence. I have been wearing my MBT's for about a year when I walk.



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Dr. Charlotte Covello, DPM
30 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 302

She is an excellent podiatrist, excellent "bedside" manner and people friendly. She is a surgical foot and ankle specialist. Great staff!

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