Good Playgrounds and Things to Do with Toddlers in Fort Collins

Updated on February 14, 2010
E.L. asks from Fort Collins, CO
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Hi. I am new to the Fort Collins area and I am looking for some fun (cheap!!) things for my 2 girls to do. They are ages 2 and 3. Any help will be appreciated!!



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Hi E.: I have 2 boys age 5 and 8. We love Fossil Creek park it is south on Lemay past Harmony. They have a nice park and it is due to have it's water feature done soon. The other great water sprinkler park is at Spring Canyon, which is at the west end of Horsetooth road. It has a fun water feature as well. Some things that cost money but are fun is Jump in down at Centerra mall in Loveland. It is fun and they let you bring in your own food.Cost is $5-8 per child, younger the better. They have a indoor play area at the mall for younger children(free). The Library has storytime at the different libraries: you can find it online,
there is alot to do. Feel free to email me for more info. [email protected] Collins is great for kids. You could also check out they have great resources too.

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I'll just list the favorite spots for our two boys (one and four y/o):

Lee Martinez Farm (2$?)
Poudre River Trail (next to Lee Martinez)
Swetzville Zoo (A cool eclectic sculpture park - but I think it's closing soon.)(Free)
Oak Street Plaza Fountain park (Tuesday music at Lunchtime)
Spring Canyon playground & fountain park
City Park train rides and trolley rides ($2 and $1 each)
Thursday night music in Civic Center Park (through August; free)
Library programs (see calendar of events at
Saturday Farmers Market - Oak Street
Bloomba ($8/child)

Welcome to Fort Collins. It's a great place to live!!

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There is a great playground in south Loveland at Barnes Park. Near S. Railroad and 1st street. It has all sorts of water fountians that squirt, dump and spray, a giant playground, and a shaded sandy play area. I love taking my toddler there because it is free and she can indulge in lots of water play without me having to worry to much because there is no standing water for her to drown in (okay, maybe I worry a bit much). Here's a link to the park on the web. They make a big deal of the batting cages, but if you drive down Railroad, you will see the water park. It will take you maybe 20 minutes to drive there from Fort Collins, but you can bring a picnic and stay for hours.

City park in Fort Collins also has an excellent pool for toddlers, but it costs money. :^( My little one also gets a kick out of the farmer's markets. We really like the one that is held at Lemay and Harmony on Wednesdays and Sundays. The downtown one, in old town Fort Collins, is also very nice, and is held on Saturdays.

Welcome to Fort Collins and I hope you and your girls settle in well.

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Cool Beans Playhouse and Cafe is fun and indoors!

This is a great place to meet other moms and kids. It is an indoor play area with a healthy cafe and lots of coffee choices. It is a place where your kids can feel like kids while you get to be an adult. There is musical story time Mondays @ 3:00, live music Friday's @ 5:00, drop in play Monday-Saturday, a birthday party room, music classes, events, and so much more! If you want to see a lot fo pictures visit them on facebook Cool Beans Playhouse and Cafe Fort Collins, CO

There is an admission charge ranging from $0-$8 depending on the ages of the kids. However, they also have memberships that cover 2 children starting as low as $20/month.

Welcome to Fort Collins!

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