Good Mp3 Player for 7 Year Old?

Updated on September 06, 2010
A.W. asks from Bushland, TX
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Hey mamas, I am trying to get a jump on Christmas shopping. I'd like to get my 7 1/2 year old daughter an mp3 player. I have an ipod Nano, but it was about $175 and I don't think I would trust her to take care of one that expensive. So, I thought about an ipod Shuffle, but I had one of those before and it was difficult to get only certain songs on there. I really don't want her listening to just anything I have in my itunes library, ya know? Some songs are just not appropriate.

So...I'd like to find one that is user friendly for a kid, durable, compatible with itunes (since that's what I use), and not uber pricey. Any help would be great. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the advice! I just bought a brand new ipod shuffle on ebay for $35!

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When my daughter was younger we had a Disney Mix stick, it was great for her, just enough. And she loved it! They have a few different kinds. Sometimes you can find them cheap at Justice or the Disney store. Good luck!

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You can get a used, previous gen, or refurbished ipod for $50 or less.

My 8yo has had an ipod for a couple of years, but it was a hand-me-down, and therefore essentially free.



answers from Dallas on

The basic difference between iPod and other MP3 players, is that iPod uses songs in a third format (AAC) in addition to MP3 and WMA. MP3 players only use the last two formats. So, if you buy a MP3 player (basically, anything that's not Apple branded) you will only be able to place songs on her player that are of the format MP3 or WMA. AAC files will not be supported and therefore will not play. AAC format songs come from iTunes (they may also have the other formats, I don't know.)

MP3 players are MUCH cheaper but also there's the downside of them not being as popularly supported, technology wise. For example, you can buy alarm clocks, speakers, radios, etc that are all iPod compatible but there is a big shortage of those things for just plain old MP3 players.

I bought my 3 kids various cheap MP3 players over the past 18 months. While they are cheaper, they are harder to work. But, I have to admit, kids are so smart about technology these days and only *I* have trouble working them - my kids figured it all out in about 5 minutes! LOL (BTW my kids are 7, 9, and 10).

Personally, if I had to do it over again, I'd still buy the cheap MP3 players because kids lose, break, and unintentionally ruin things all the time. I would probably be more upset about a lost $150 iPod than my child would be. If you do decide to go with an Apple product, I would suggest getting it second-hand from a place like Entertainmart.

My MP3 player is a Creative Zen. I really love it. My husband's is a Sansa Fuse and he likes that one too, although it's not as easy to load songs onto (but once you figure it out it's okay.) My sons have RCA players and my daughter has a Sylvania player that came from Big Lots - cute and she likes it but I think it is really complicated to figure out!

Hope that helps!



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If you get the shuffle you can pick and choose which songs go on her ipod vs your ipod. My husband and I share itunes on one computer but have lists for 3 different ipods on there (his phone, my phone and our 7 yr old's ipod). Some of my husband's rock music my 7 yr old likes, so some of it is on his ipod but not all of it. A few albums are on both my phone and my husband's phone.



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I know this in the wrong direction with your money, but the ipod touch is amazing. It is like a mini computer, connects to wifi. My 8 year old looks at Presidents, states, math games, maps, dictionary all free apps. I had know idea what an educational tool I had bought. She plays games as well as music. We have rules, of where it can be played with, were it has to go when she is finished. So far it is in one piece.

I have one, that my 2 year old is allowed to play on. She hasn't broken or lost mine either. She mainly watches movies in the car. We have covers on both of them.


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I think the Nano is appropriate. My 8yr old son has my old Nano (its a 3g, one of the square ones) and he does well with it. I put it in a case and keep track of it with him.

I wouldn't buy a new one though... I would look on your local craigslist to find a used nano for her. You can pick them up for under $50 for the 3g ones anymore, or look on for a refurbished one, typically $50 or so cheaper than new.



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I am not sure which generation shuffle you had problems with, but it might have just been that device. I have both and never have issues with sings. Sorry, all that said, my som has a shuffle. It is great we downloaded all his kids bop, veggie tales and other kid music and he really loves it!


I am not sure which generation shuffle you had problems with, but it might have just been that device. I have both and never have issues with sings. Sorry, all that said, my som has a shuffle. It is great we downloaded all his kids bop, veggie tales and other kid music and he really loves it!


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I am no expert but seeing how you want to use your iTunes, I think that means you have to go with an Apple product only and in my opinion anything Apple is too expensive for a 7 yr old.

I bought my 6 yr old son a cheap generic MP3 player from Target, I think it was @ $30 and it has lasted him a year and a half so far....I also bought him was of those ridiculously awesome Hoodies with the built in speakers in the hood and a front pocket with the cord connecter in it, also from these days have the coolest things...I wish they had this stuff when I was their age! :)

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