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Updated on May 13, 2008
T.W. asks from Silver Spring, MD
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My 16 yr old daughter has been seeing a therapist for her Depression. The therapist has been seeing about 4 weeks now and she says (which I agree) that my daughter has high anxiety, depression and ADD. Her therapist was also her school therapist in elementary school when she was having problems as a child. I am having alot of trouble finding a doctor in our area that answers their phone and/or returns a phone call. Her therapist can't prescribe medication and my daughter needs some help. Any suggestions?

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If your daughter has bonded with her therapist, it might not be a good idea to find a new one that can prescribe medication. You may want to speak to your daughter's doctor (pediatriation or family doc) they may feel comfortable prescribing for her and opening a dialog with her therapist. Since she is a minor, you will need to sign a few things to enable this type of communication between the two professionals but it can be done. If her regular medical doctor doesn't like the idea, maybe you could find one that is comfortable, a relationship with the medical doctor may be easier for her to establish. If you have to look for a new medical doctor, you may want to look for a family practice type of environment--these docs work with teenagers a lot more then others and may be very familiar with the medications you daughter needs.
I know it's a lot of broker activity that you will have to do but your daughter's therapist should be qualified to speak with her medical doctor about her care.
If none of this pans out, try United behavioral health--I'm pretty sure they are all over Maryland, they usually work with insurance companies to locate appropriate therapists.
This is a very critical time in her life, she is learning how to make more adult relationships with boys and her feelings about her father could cause her to sail down some very dangerous paths and relationships.
Good luck I hope it all works out for you and for her.



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Do not know where you are in MD.
Susan Rich in Potomac, MD is excellent.
Any prescriptions must be monitored regularly by a therapist.
You can find her at



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In what part of Maryland are you?



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You can continue with her regular therapist, but it is the usual situation to need a seperate doc for a med evaluation. A good psychiatrist is necessary, especially for an adolescent. I wouldn't feel comfortable with a GP or Pediatrician making that call. You generally only need to see them monthly if meds are prescribed. Dr. Daniolos has been treating a friend's son. He has seen him for quite some time and is just wonderful with a now 16 year old. An outstanding doctor.

Good luck to you and your daughter.

Peter T Daniolos, MD
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