Good Hypoallergenic Eye Shadow That Won't Crease or Fade?

Updated on March 01, 2010
M.J. asks from Sacramento, CA
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Anyone have recommendations? I need a hypoallergenic brand (for instance, ones from Maybelline and L"Oreal make my eye lids itch horribly and puff out, so many standard brands aren't good) that can make it through the day. I'm too busy to touch up makeup during the day. So far, everything I've tried fades away or creases horribly by mid-day.

Thanks in advance for suggestions!

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answers from Richland on

Nicole Miller's line is amazing!! Only available through Melaleuca. Exclusive with great quality AND less expensive then department store brands. Made with botanical ingredients and not toxic chemicals like lead and aluminum.
I would be happy to help you get some!
[email protected]

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answers from Dallas on

I would suggest you try bare minerals. They have a store at Willowbend mall. Try it, walk around in the mall for an hour and see if it works before you purchase. :)

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answers from Sacramento on

Hello M.,
I actually have very sensitive eyes and allergies in general to the point that I cannot wear floral lotions even. I suggest both Organics (Macy's) and Philosophy (Sephora), which are both natural. Apply a base in order to avoid creasing and fading. I tried Mary Kay and Avon, and unfortunately broke-out, to my surprise. Yes, department store brands are more costly, but there is a return. Also, consult Sephora (in major malls) and ask one of their consultants, who are often knowledgable. Hope this helped and sorry to any Mary Kay or Avon reps, no offense intended! Also, Clinique works well too, but I have no experience with their eye shadows, just lotions.


answers from Los Angeles on

I 2nd bare minerals. I love it! Also you could try an eye shadow base on your eye lid first to prevent the creasing, and it will help your shadow last longer. I use the conceler from MAC. Just the little thing of it has lasted me 2 years so far and I use it every single day.



answers from Fort Walton Beach on

I'm also very sensitive to cosmetics. Best shadow I have found is the cheapest..CQ can be found at wal-mart. Have never had a problem with creasing...lasts forever and doesn't make my eyes swell. Also use it as eye liner. It's great....Good luck


answers from Dallas on

Hello M.,

Arbonne's eyeshadows have Mica instead of Talc so it doesn't crease. Also, they have cucumber in it. All products are botanically based, contains no animal products or by-products (Vegan certified), and are hypoallergenic. If for whatever reason you are not satisified Arbonne has a 45 day money back guarantee.

Feel free to check out my site at

Hope this info helps!

Please contact me if you have any questions, at all.

Take care and God bless!



answers from Dallas on

Hi M.,
Minerelles has a mineral based eyeshadow that also contains anti-aging ingredients. If you would like to know more please let me know.



answers from San Francisco on

I have sensitive eyes too and wear hard contacts which aggravates the situation. I have found that how much you spend (i.e. department store vs. drug store) is not as important as how fresh the product is. I have switched from expensive brands to cheaper brands and I just replace the eye makeup every six months or so. I have also had pretty good luck with Physicians Formula brand.



answers from Modesto on

I am transitioning out of The Body Shop at Home (closed in US) and into Pink Papaya. I have a lot of Body shop eye shadows at 1/2 off for you to try. I also have sensitive eyes and wear contacts, and love Body Shop. Let me know what colors, and I can send them to you with free shipping ;)
Good luck,
[email protected]



answers from Stockton on

I have always had to wear an eyeshadow base to keep from getting a rash. The bonus is that it makes even cheap eyeshadow last all day & it covers up the dark circles I always have under my eyes.
I'm sorry I don't sell make-up like some of the other posters so I won't mention a specific brand... ;)



answers from San Francisco on

Hi M.,

I recommend you try the mineral powder eyeshadows from Mary Kay. They are much higher quality than the drug store brands and are hypoallergenic. We also have an Eye Primer that forms a waterproof base on your eyelid and prevents the eyeshadow from creasing. It works great for me. All of the Mary Kay products have a 100% money back guarantee. I'd be delighted to present our products to you. Please check out my website:

Best Regards,



answers from San Francisco on

I use Clinique and love it. My mom had the same problem with all the brands, but Clinique. Good luck.


answers from San Francisco on

ive been told MAC is best, i dont have sensitive skin, but i invested in a few mac shadows over the weekend, only because you get your money back if youre not satisfied



answers from San Francisco on

I love Nicole Miller's line from Melaleuca. I just received the new spring catalog: If you'd like me to contact you personally, send me a message or checkout to request more information.

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