Good Home Needed for Family Cat

Updated on August 21, 2008
M.L. asks from Osseo, MN
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I hate to be writing this but we recently found out that my husband is allergic (via allergy testing) to our beloved family cat. We have had DC for three years now and we got him as a kitty. My daughter is in love with him (as we all are) and she just started calling him by his name. If anyone is interested he is front de-clawed and fixed. He is great around children though he is very stranger shy and will hide until he gets used to you. Once he does he is as loving as a dog. He is very light tan and if anyone is interested I can send a slew of pictures. We hope to find a kind loving home for our little family member.

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You don't have to get rid of the cat M. ~ studies show that people who live with cats when they have a cat allergy are actually over-all impacted positively (health wise) by the antibodies the allergy creates for them. If he is not incapacitated by the cat, keep it!

You can help his allergies by getting a good air purifier (Eco Quest, Breathe Clean or even Oreck carries a good one). An air purifier with an ionizer will eliminate the particulate matter in the air so that your husband can enjoy the cat from a distance, or maybe even up close.

Then a good weekly house cleaning and combing the cat will do to keep the dander out as well.

Many people make the wrong choice by giving up cats for allergies. I am also allergic to cats but have had one or another for 25 years. The air purifier makes it easy to have one ~ and I always wash my hands after I pet her.



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We also kept our two cats after learning my husband was allergic to them. Because he's allergic to so many things he gets allergy shots as well as allergy medication. We wash the bedding weekly in hot water, have since removed the carpeting in the bedroom, we keep them out of the bedroom, and he avoids handling the cats. Allergists will encourage you to get rid of your cat, but it's really not necessary of you want to keep them. I know tons of people who learn of pet allergies and decide to keep them. We will not replace our cats when they are gone, however.

Hope you can figure something out...either finding a good home for him or keeping him. He sounds like a wonderful cat for your daughter.



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I'm so sorry that you have to go through that. We found out my husband was allergic to our cat about 2 years ago. We didn't get rid of her though. I cleaned the house really well and we just keep her out of our bedroom. I wash our sheets every week, dust every week and vacuum every week. We also ripped up the carpet in our room. My husband is also taking allergy medication and the cat doesn't bother him as much. Maybe you could try doing something like that so you can keep your kitty. I did NOT want to get rid of our cat. She is like one of my children. We've had her for almost 8 years and got her when she was 4 months old.



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As other people have responded you do not have to get rid of your cat - I work for a health and nutrition company and would be happy to do a wellness evaluation for him, if you are interested you can check out my website or feel free to call me at ###-###-####.

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