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Updated on September 13, 2017
A.H. asks from Riverton, UT
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my husband and i live with my husbands family while he is in school, my mother-in-law and i are both wanting to become healthier. does anyone no of any good websites that have cheaper healthy recipes? we have 6 adults to feed so we need to strech the buck!!!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

There is a book called Shopper's Guide to Healthy Living. It has recipes for how to make regular recipes into healthy recipes. It also has many of its own healthy recipes and contains money saving tips on how to shop and eat healthier. There are tear-out shopping lists and easy explanations on why to eliminate poisons.

Go to



answers from Provo on

Since trying to get adequit nutrition out of todays highly processed grocery store food is almost impossible, we suggest a High Quality Supplement. Nutritionals you can trust-- USANA Health Sciences Independent associates.. If you are serious about becoming more healthy USANA can make a difference.. Try it you will like it! Live Well!

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answers from Denver on

Amber - You might want to check out You can get a very inexpensive online subscription and they have different menus to choose from - regular, heart healthy, low carb, etc. They also have "frugal" menus. Good luck!



answers from New York on

Hey, I just found this great website where you can order fresh prepared food. Super fast and easy to prepare and very tasty. :)



answers from Salt Lake City on

I wasen't sure if these links would work so I put both on. On leads to my personal page and the other to the general web site.

It is called sparkpeople and it is totally free. It was a bit difficult for me to manuver through at first but I got the hang of it really quick. This is the kind of stuff people pay big bucks for. There is also the recipes. Give it a shot.



answers from Fort Collins on

I found a great website that talks all about wellness and what we should be eating.

A really good book to read if you are really interested in eating better is-- Nourishing Traditions By: Sally Fallon. I love this book. Its a cookbook/info book.

The main thing to remember is to stick to eating whole foods and stay away from processed foods. The Body For Life stuff is ok, but be careful of a few things. Never use egg sub. and the whole egg is much healthier than using egg whites. Stay away from canned soups and most protien drinks.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Usually, you can still use family favorite recipes and just make a few modifications. Use lower fat versions of diary items, cook with olive oil, or healthier oils, and watch your portion of the main dish and especially processed carbs. Try to shop the perimeter of the grocery store where all of the FRESH items are kept...the less processed, the healthier for you. Also, use smaller plates (not the huge dinner plates, but the salad plate) when you and your family sit down to dinner. You can fill them up, which makes it seem like you're eating a lot, but you really aren't. Also, try to get in as much water as you can during the day so you don't retain water, and as many fresh veggies and fruits as you can (not too many fruits).

I would also recommend to help you with tracking what you're eating, and they have great forums with healthy recipes...and it's free.

Sample Diet:
Breakfast--whole grain cereal, skim milk, egg white omelet, grapefruit with splenda

Snack--string cheese and apples, or cottage cheese and fresh fruit, or celery sticks with cream cheese, or yogurt (fruit and dairy)

Lunch--veggie salad, sandwich or left overs, baby carrots, piece of fruit

Snack--snap peas, carrots, celery, broccoli, and low fat dip (veggies)

Dinner--veggie salad, 2 veggies or 1 starchy veggie (corn or potatoes), meat/entree

Snack--low fat milk with a small treat (banana bread, cookie, small brownie or slice of cake, bowl of fruit)

By pairing you carbs with proteins, it helps to even out your blood sugar and insulin levels, which helps with weight loss. Good luck.



answers from Provo on

Most recipes can be made healthier. I suggest you read "YOU On a Diet". replace white flour with whole wheat flour, use a minimum of the 'healthy' oils, less saturated fat, etc. It's a great book!



answers from Boise on

I know for a fact when you start eating healthier it can be more expensive, but there are lots of tricks you can do with food. We follow the basic meals at . You don't have to do everything that is offered there, but there is a list of FOODS that are considered CLEAN and a list of foods to stay away from. Dig around in the site, and you would be amazed at what is there. It can also be very motivating!! My hubby is a personal trainer and has 99 percent of his clients follow this meal plan, and they get awesome results from it. If some of the menus look intimidating,(or expensive) come up with your own style! When you know what to "stay away from" you would be surprised at what you can come up with! Combined with excersise (any activity every day!) your results will amaze you. Good luck to you!!
Lisa :)



answers from Grand Junction on

Hi Amber,
I've gotten some pretty good ideas off of Urban Homemaker's website. Marilyn Mohl operates the Urban Homemaker and she is very much into healthy eating/healthy lifestyles. God Bless!



answers from Denver on

My friend, Jane Colby, is a natural health consultant.
Go to
Also, Sunset Magazine has a website with recipes. You can search healthy recipes, too.
Groceries are really expensive these days, so it's tough.
Do you have a deep freeze? Generally speaking --- I recommend buying stuff when it's on sale and freezing it. For example --- meat and frozen fruits or vegies or bread. If you get canned goods make sure it's low or no sodium and that there isn't any kind of syrup in it. Actually, that's a good rule for any kind of prepackaged food. Get whole grain products and avoid white flour products. Try to avoid products that have sugar in it. Limit or eliminate pop, chips, crackers, sweets. I'm on a low sodium/low carb diet for health reasons. I let myself cheat on the weekends as a reward for being good during the week. And don't forget to exercise. Good luck. Good for you!



answers from Boise on

Since it is now summer....a quick way to eat cheap and healthy is to buy large packs of meats (chicken, pork, and beef) and divide them up into meals. You can do quick marinades with a little bit of olive oil and flavored vinegars.

Then the key is to BBQ! All the fat drips off the meat and you have a very clean, healthy main dish. Then for side dishes lose the starchy items and introduce vegetables that you can cook on the grill or steam in the house.

This is a quick and easy way to eat healthier without all the mess in your kitchen.

Good luck



answers from Salt Lake City on I love this website and you can sign up for a free magazine that comes a few times a year with tons of recipes. Most items in the recipes are kraft brand but you can substitute for a generic brand. The recipes are simple and most ingredients are things you would carry in your kitchen anyway. I think most of them are fairly healthy but you can alter them to make them healthier.
I hope you love it like I do. It helps me get out of the taco, spaghetti rut.
Good Luck.
L. P.



answers from Salt Lake City on has great lower-fat, healthier recipes. I love the magazine and the website, too!



answers from Denver on

Hi Amber,

I ran across this website when I was doing LA weight loss, dont let the name scare you away. I have found a few recipes that were really good and my husband enjoyed. My girls are to picky to eat what we are eating half the time. Good luck to you and your mother in law. I know how hard it is to get started.



answers from Pocatello on

YOu could try out, I have been on the site for about 4 months and I have lost almost 20 pounds. It is a great site for more than just recipes.

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