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Updated on September 10, 2006
S.W. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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I just moved here from Phoenix. I need some advice on a good grocery store. I have been to Super Wal-mart, Kroger, and Albertsons. I have heard that Central Market has great things, but not the most economical choice. I want a store that seems to consitantly offer the best prices. I know that the adds change weekly, but is there a grocery store you would recomend for every day items?

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for the great advice! I just stocked up on things at Walmart and agree that overall their prices seem better! My mother-in-law used to buy the sunday paper for me so I could get coupons so I think that is the part I miss about shopping now. I need to look into getting the Sunday paper! Thanks again!

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answers from Dallas on

It takes a bit more time, I look at the sale ads and go to the store that has a few items for good price. Overall, Super Walmart is cheaper than Kroger and well as
Central Market. Central Market has higher healthier quality
foods. And on my budget that is a major treat.



answers from Houston on

I used to shop at Alberstons and even had their shopping card, but I was still paying a fortune for groceries. A new WalMart opened by my house, so I started shopping there and my grocery bills dropped by at least $60-80 per trip! I agree that their produce isn't the greatest, so I would recommend a farmer's market or maybe Albertson's just for that, but I get everything else at WalMart now and I am thrilled to be saving so much money.

I hope this helps. Good Luck!



answers from Dallas on

Hi S.,

I've found that my best bet--for both budget and sanity--is Sams or Costco. You have to buy in bulk, but with three kids you probably go through everything fast enough! I prefer Costco but am with Sams now as my father in law pays for the membership :) It's around $40/year I believe and if you're not happy they'll refund it in full at any point. I find their produce is always fresh and very well priced and you can really save on their store brand items (Members Mark at Sams and Kirkland at Costco). I shop pretty much exclusively there except for occasional splurges at Central Market. Good Luck!



answers from Little Rock on

Walmart used to be the best in prices but since they opened the new one by me it doesn't seem as low in priced, but by you it may be. I like the produce at Albertson but their prices are always outragous it seems. If you want one stop shoping I would say Kroger is your best bet. But when you have a lot to get Walmart isn't that much behind Kroger.

If you don't mind going to more than one place what I do is this.

1.) I signed up for all the discount cards at the grocery stores which sends their sale fliers to me once a week in the mail. I plan my menu on the sales that I find and either go to that one store or sometimes even more than one since the stores are close to eachother.

2.) I go to Big Lots first. They have a few isles with unperisable items and even beauty items. Even diapers and wipes! I by things like cereal and sphegehtti sauce etc there and then get my perishables and what Big Lots didn't have at the grocery store. They don't always get it in but they a lot of the times have boxes of Luvs diapers and they sell them for only 14.99 a box! I am actually about to call Walmart to see if they will match it. Also things like Mrs Bairds bread is only 99 cents there instead of almost $2 at any grocery store. It really adds up! We saved $40 on our last grocery bill doing this.

3.) There is another store in Fort Worth called Town Talk. They are a liquadator store open to the public. When stores have overstock or things are a few months away from their sell by date and such they sell it for a lot less. They even have things like econamy sized mac and cheese from schools and stuff a lot of the time. We have gotten some really good deals at this place.

4.) Also for produce most of the time it is a lot cheaper to go to the farmers market and or to farmer john on the side of the road. That and their stuff hasnt been frozen for transport so it is MUCH better! Flea markets are also great for produce.

Hope this helps!



answers from Dallas on

Super Target is also a great all around choice. They tend to be slightly more expensive than Walmart but they have better quality meat and produce and the shopping experience is usually much better.



answers from Seattle on

I like Super Target, but their meat and produce leaves something to be desired! I still buy things there, but Central Market is way better. And, no they aren't as cheap as Walmart or Target on most things, but quite a few of their items are comprable in price, especially if they are on sale! Central Market has the best Sea Food selection. I would never buy seafood from Albertson' can smell the fishy smell before you even get to the seafood section...gross! Albertson's is the highest priced, I think, and their service is terrible! I prefer Tom Thumb (which is basically Safeway!) or Kroger. Hope this helps!


answers from Dallas on

I go to walmart for pretty much everything, they have the best prices... except their produce goes bad super fast! Kroger usually has better produce and albertsons can just be expensive.



answers from Dallas on

Hi S.,

I find Super Target to have good prices. I love the Central Market for their selection of meats, seafood, and cheeses. They also have a great selection of pre-made items.

Good Luck!


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