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Updated on September 23, 2013
C.M. asks from Harpers Ferry, WV
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Hi. So my 8 year old daughter woke up this morning with a huge zit on her face. It's her first one ever. She is horrified. I told her that everyone gets them and it's no big deal. It's just a part of growing up and she is still beautiful no matter what. But I am wondering if I should get her her own face wash now? She usually just uses soap when she is in the shower (still uses baby wash because it smells good and she has very sensitive skin, so we have the organic baby wash). But, I'm wondering since she is getting older if there is a good face wash to have her start out with? I use aveeno but I don't know if that would be too harsh for her. She said the zit hurts her to even touch it and it's really red all around it and it has the white center. I'm also wondering in the back of my mind if it could be a mosquito bite possibly? She has been outside playing a lot this weekend. But even if it is just a bug bite, it might be a good idea to have her start learning to wash her face a little better. So, any recomendations?

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So What Happened?

thanks everyone! I can't really afford clinique right now. I did go to target and I found the simple facial cleansing wipes. I figure it's easier for her to start with a wipe. I don't expect her to wash her face twice a day. Just once a day at night is good enough. I agree it's not too early to start teaching her good skin care so by the time it's really needed, she will already have a good habit going. I have been wanting to get her the american girl book, but just haven't had a chance to get it between work and school and homework, lol. Thanks!!

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My daughter started out with Noxema when she was 7 or 8, but found it too harsh. She switched to clean and clear, which she liked, for the most part. When was 11 or so I took her to Clinique and she has been using that ever since.

I got some eczema on my eyelid and went to a dermatologist. He said the best facial cleanser is Aveeno - which is what I use now. I switched from MAC - I still use their makeup though, I couldn't give it all up!!!!!

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Just a gentle neutral soap or face wash.
Clinique is good too.
They have gentle face washes and for sensitive skin. And it is hypoallergenic. My 10 year old daughter uses it.
We just went to the cosmetics counter at Macy's, the woman taught my daughter all about it, and how to use it. And we got her the most gentle regime for her child's skin. And it is non-drying.
Remember, they have kid skin. Not adult skin.

Don't use body soap, or baby wash, as a "face" soap.
It is too drying and not made for "face" washing.

Dab, using a Q-tip, rubbing alcohol right on the zit.
It will disinfect it, prevent from infection, and dry it out.
But only use it RIGHT on the zit.
Not on her whole face.
Or get those zit creams. for spot treatment.

If it is a bug bite, just put a dab of Calamine on it.
That pink stuff.
Works perfectly on my kids with bug bites.

Tween ages are from 9-12 years old.
It is good to teach a girl how to care for her skin.
I have done that with my daughter already.
And she does her face skin regime when she needs to.
Using Clinique.
And it lasts... a LONG time.
So it is not expensive from the initial cost.
Because, it lasts a long, time.

The "American Girl" book series is also good.
"The Care and Keeping of You" teaches a girl about how to care for their body/skin, and their body changes etc. And it is for the Tween ages and is appropriate and made to be discussed with Mommy.
My daughter has that. From before she was her current age. I think it was when she was about 7 that I got it for her.
Just check it out online, most book stores or Amazon has it.

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answers from Portland on

Having one zit does not mean she'll get more. I suggest she continue as before.

We use specialty washes primarily because of the way they're advertised and because we like the scent or feel but especially because of the promise that the ads tout. Yes, often skin can do better with a special cleanser because the skin has a specific need. I.e. skin is oily or dry, pores are clogged. Even we may be more consistent in cleansing because of using a cleanser. Having one zit doesn't mean her skin has a special need.

You can teach her using the baby wash she's already using tho I suggest she's too young to need twice daily washing. Let ber be a child awhile longer. Don't burden her with a beauty routine.

My granddaughter is 13. Over the years she's had a zit every once in awhile. It really is not something on which to focus.

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answers from Dallas on

It is never too early to establish good facial habits. If she starts now with her routine, she'll be better off when she does reach puberty because she'll have already established her routine!

As for products, our dermatologist recommends Purpose and Cetaphil soaps. Both are mild. He also recommends Clinique products. My daughter and I use the Clinique line of products and have for many years.

Good luck

ETA: The Clinique price tag is more than a drug store price tag. However, it will last you a lot longer than drug store brands. Therefore , figure out the price difference and Clinique is affordable because you don't buy it regularly. I pay about $50 for a container of moisturizer and it lasts a good 6 months. Get my point? I buy all my Clinique products when the department stores have the bonus gifts with trial products. I stock up!! Bity line, you get a quality product that lasts a long time with no repeat purchases from the drug store brands.

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answers from Richmond on

I like the Simple line. Just a few ingredients, gentle on sensitive skin and fairly inexpensive plus there are frequently coupons for it!


answers from Norfolk on

Hi, C.:

Check the web at:

See if they have anything for young girls.

All the best.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I just use Dove and that's what the kiddo's use too.

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