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Updated on November 05, 2009
L.R. asks from North Aurora, IL
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My mom is undergoing infusions for her RA and it is drying her skin out ~ especially her face. Can anyone recommend a good face cream for her to use that will help her with her dry skin? She is using the Oil of Olay active hydrating moisturizer and it's not helping. Thanks, mamas!

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I would recommend the Face Oil by Bobbi Brown. A little bottle of the stuff lasts for close to a year. It's literally a specialy designed oil that's used on the face and can make all the difference for a person suffering from extremely dry skin. It's part of Bobbi's Extra line, hence for "extra" dry skin. That stuff is amazing. I also recommend calling the Bobbi Brown counter at Nordstrom Oak Brook and ask for Jen or Liz - ###-###-####



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I really like the Ponds Moisturizing Creme (I think that's what it's called - it's in a tub like the cold cream, but it has a blue lid). I have dry skin too, and this stuff rocks.


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Your mom probably not only has dry skin but sensitive skin as well. Almost all over the counter products have chemical preservatives, dyes, fragrances, mineral oil (makes dry skin worse), and other toxic ingredients that won't help. See if there is mineral oil in this product - or any product you pick up at a store. Don't buy it as it puts a coating on your skin and doesn't let it breathe or let the moisturizing ingredients penetrate thru to the skin. I would be happy to give you a sample of some good facial washes and moisturizers that are not made with any of these nasty ingredients. A good body wash and cream would do her a world of good as well. The cool, dry weather is upon us and that too will dry out her skin. I'd love to help out to see how we can combat this for her and get her some peace! Look forward to your response.

Wellness Consultant



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I use Patricia Wexler MMPi Regenerating Serum from Bath and Body. It is a little pricey but it is the only one I have found that clears up my eczema. If you ask they used to give out small samples to try it before buying it. That is how I got hooked on it.



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You really can't go wrong with Mary Kay. The night cream is old school with moisture, we use it for all kinds of things like treating burns & keeping wounds from drying out in addition to intensive moisturizing for faces. A friend of mine gets terrible dry skin patches in winter and was complaining, I happened to have a tube of the night cream with me (it's pink goo) and she tried it. She was stunned it did so well. I let her keep it & she says it cured the problem. I'm not a salesperson, just a die-hard fan. My MIL used that all her life & looks fabulous, 10 years younger than her peers, that's not just good genes. :) She credits MK.



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When you are going through treaments for RA or Cancer it can do soo much damage to your skin. I had dry patches right when I turned 40 that drove me crazy and it took a few years to find something that worked. My dear friend just went thru chemo and radiation and has such dry skin because of it - we both turned to Arbonne serum and lotion and have not looked back. I have a samples I can drop off to see if that helps? Call me any time ###-###-####
J. Matthews

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