Good Double Jogging Stroller for Older/tall Children

Updated on May 04, 2011
S.C. asks from Glenside, PA
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Hi, I am hoping to buy a double jogging stroller for my almost 4 and 2 year old who are pretty tall. It will be used mostly for walking/off-roading, so I would like one with a front swivel wheel. I am not looking to spend gobs of money (around $200) and am thinking I would like a new one as the last one I had (bought off Craigslist ended up falling apart after a year and a half). Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated (ones people love and ones to stay away from as well!)...

Thanks so much!

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answers from San Francisco on

I bought my BOB revolution single on Craigslist and it is in terrific condition. I would go for a used BOB. my friend got a cheaper one and it is so narrow that the kids wont be able to fit for long, and their is no foot area.

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answers from Albuquerque on

I know you don't want used, but a Bob Revolution Duallie would fit your criteria perfectly. New they're about $500 but used can be $200 - $300. And they last for years and years and years. I have a friend who is the fourth owner of her Bob and it operates just as smoothly as my three year old version.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I have 2 kids ages 3.5 & 2 years old. I have the Bob Revolution Dualie & the Burley 2 seater (a bike trailer that I have the jogging kit for). I have walked & run with both. The BOB is a dream to walk with. I prefer running with the Burley. Mostly b/c of storage. The Burley has a large enclosed foot well that the boys can access themselves while I run. So we can bring blankets, stuffed animals, books, toys, etc to entertain them during my run. The Bob has a storage compartment underneath, but the kids can't access it while we are moving. So if they want to switch their entertainment I have to stop & do the exchange for them. Thus interupting my running. This doesn't bother me when walking. Some pros & cons are below. Feel free to contact me if you need further info.
BOB pros: it pushes like a dream. Its light as air & you don't feel the kids weight at all. Even my parents love it. it does great on dirt & grass & sidewalks too. It does get tough to push in sandy soil, but so does everything. Each kid has their own seat & their own sun/shade canopy, so no touching & they don't have to agree on the amount of shade they get. The canopy extends so far that your kid can be almost completely covered. Seats recline almost completely flat.
Bob Cons: Fabric is spot clean only, it cannot be removed & put through the wash. The pouches in the seats are small & tough to open. Each kid has two and a pouch can hold a water bottle or a snack cup, but my kids still need help opening the pouch to put their stuff back. The canopy hangs down when closed and my 3.5 yr old head rests on it. When open he has plenty of head space. The foot space is narrow & if the kids drop something it falls out of the stroller.
Burley Pros: The interior of the stroller is HUGE. The foot well is deep & enclosed so anytime they drop something it stays in the stroller. I can also pile a bunch of stuff in the foot well for them. On our last run they each brought 2 books, a stuffed animal, a drink & a snack. The drink and snack fit into a mesh pouch on the side of the stroller, which is huge & easy to open. Each kid has their own pouch. The seats are completely enclosed. The front is covered in netting which has an attached zip down plastic cover in case of rain (or cold wind). No need to buy an extra cover. My boys have lots of head room still. The storage space in the back is awesome too. I can fit my purse, jackets for everyone, my water bottle & a smaller cooler with lunch inside & its all easily accessible.
Burley cons: The seat sagged a lot, my husband put a board under the seat & that hasn't been a problem since. I thought the boys sharing a seat would be bad, but it hasn't been. They are not bothered by it at all. The buckles for the shoulder straps are very low & rest on my boys backs. It looks like you should be able to raise them higher, but I haven't figured that out yet. Instead I took the padding that came with the stroller & laid it on top of the buckles & the boys sit back against that for now. It has a fixed front wheel, which is fine for running, but annoying for walking. They do sell a separate stroller kit with two swivel front wheels. I have not tried this yet, though I have thought about it. This fabric is not removable either. You must spot clean. I've also read that it deteriorates if left in the sun, so I store mine in the garage. I haven't had a problem yet. It does not fit through standard doors (though its pretty easy to pop the back wheels off & then it will fit through). It is difficult to fold down, though when you do get it all folded down it is incredibly small.

Overall...the Burley is great if your kids need entertainment while you are out, or if you need tons of storage space, or if you live in a bad weather environment & want to be out in all weather. (Last xmas we took the kids to Storybook Land to see Santa. It was really cold & windy. I was miserable. My kids were fine in the Burley. Warm & cozy with their blankets. My sister's kid climbed in and sat in the foot well for a bit to get out of the wind.)
If you don't need those features, then go with the BOB. The BOB can be your all day every day stroller. You will never regret getting a BOB either new or used. If you decide you want to get a new bob check out REI membership program. Each March or April they give members a 20% off coupon on any one purchase. We used ours to get our BOBs. (I have a single & a double). I'm not sure, but they might give new members the 20% off coupon right away. Its worth checking out.
You get what you pay for, so spend the money (if you can afford it). Everyone who has every pushed my Bob has been jealous afterwards that they did not own one themselves.

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answers from Boston on

I have a great double jogging stroller that can also convert to be pulled by a bike. It's the Chariot, great stroller but very expensive, REI sells them as do many bike shops. I never would have spent the money if I wasn't so crazy into running/biking w/ the kids and my husband, it's worth every penny for me.

For around 200.00 you could get a Baby Trend Expedition double jogging stroller, sold at Babies R Us. The front wheel will stayed fixed and also swivel. The wheels are great for off-road. This stroller can work well at the mall as well. It folds up easily to fit in the back of your car. It has plenty of storage underneath for jackets,snacks, ect. plus cupholders and storage compartment up top. If you will be mostly walking/ occasional running then this stroller is fine. I don't THINK your kids will have a problem fitting in this stroller but to be sure bring them into the store and have them try it out. See what the manufacturer says as well.

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answers from New York on

if you really want a great one, i have the valco twin, its awesome. however, its crazy expensive. maybe you can get it as a gift? the chip-in? we got ours as a gift, thank goodness. its a serious vehicle, will last forever, so comfortable and so sturdy. unless you will have to lift it a lot, its really awkward to lift if you arent tall, im 5' 4" and i have a really hard time lifting it, my sister is 5' 8" and its easier for her. i dont lift mine, i leave it in the back of my van and flip it in and out so easily. i love it.

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answers from Harrisburg on

I just bought the Schwinn FreeWheeler. I was looking to stay around $200 as well but after searching and searching for MONTHS I finally decided to spend a little more. They are cheapest on Amazon :)

My boys are both tall and weigh more for their ages.

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