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Updated on December 08, 2006
K.E. asks from Lincoln, NE
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I have a 15 mo old son, who has been soaking his diapers everynight. I use luvs, and would like ot know if there is a stonger brand, reasonably priced. I know that my son should be sleeping through the night, but hes not, he drinks 8 oz of water every night at about 3am, and im ok with feeding him. My problem is not that he wakes up for a bottle of water, i just want a diaper that can last from 830pm, his bedtime, till 7 when he wakes up. any ideas?

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So What Happened?

I got huggies overnights, and YIPPY they work

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We had problems with diapers leaking during the night so we decided to use cheaper diapers during the day (when they are changed more frequently) and buy a box of more expensive diapers for night (we like Huggies Supreme)! Hope that helps!



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We had the smae problem with the luvs and since found that Huggies. The only one we had problems with was the baby fit. Hope it helps!



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We used those overnight huggies for my son, bought the next size up.. so if when he was in a 3 in reg diapers we bought the 4 in the overnight. They seemed to hold pretty well, well better than a reg diaper.

Does he drink a lot during the day as well?

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I had the same problem w/ my son. I usually use the Papers brand diapers. But for during the night time, I ended up having to put him in the Huggies Overnights. And it worked. I would try the Huggies Overnights. Hope this helps.

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