Good Dentist ...I Don't Have Inssurance!!!

Updated on August 27, 2009
M.S. asks from Allen, TX
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Hello, I'm looking for a good and inexpensive Dentist near Allen,I don't have insurance...

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I recently found a new dentist; my dentist of 30 years retired. My new dentist's name is Dr. Sam Patel on Tennessee in McKinney. I saw him for the first time this week for a broken tooth, yes, I put off dental work for too long, thus a broken tooth; they fit me in the day I called. I don't have dental insurance either, all the work (cleaning, x-rays, evaluation, crown, and 3 filling replacements) is cheaper at Dr. Patel's office than one crown at my last dentist in West Plano. Dr. Patel and his staff made me very comfortable and I admit I do tend to have dentist phobia. They made what could have been a terrible experience tolerable.

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Welcome to Allen. I hope you enjoy it here. I also hope your daughter enjoys it here. We love this area.

I don't know any good dentists, I wish I did. My dentist retired and she was the ONLY one that understood me. We just stayed with the dentist that took over her business because we knew the rest of the staff. If I need any work I am in trouble. I am super anxious when going to the dentist because my mouth will not deaden if needed and when it finally does, the Dr. has a very limited time to work before I have all feeling back. NO Dr. has ever understood that, except my Dr. that retired.

That said....PLEASE don't go cheap. You will pay for that dearly in the long run. MOST Dr's and dentists have a private pay plan that is discounted for those with no insurance and paying out of pocket. Another option is going to Baylor to the dental school for students to wirk with you.

Best wishes.



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I like my dentist in McKinney (on Eldorado near hwy 75). He offers a reduces price plan for regular appointments for his patients that don't have insurance. I can't remember the exact discount (it's a %), but basically they put you on a call list and when it's time for an exam they call you to let you know about appt. openings in the upcoming week. I usually don't have any problems w/this b/c I'm a SAHM. Also, if you can't make any appts they just call you back the next week. I can't remember his number, but his name is Dr. Todd Whitfield.

Good luck!



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I love going to All Smiles Dentistry, They are in Allen at Bethany and 75. Dr. Susann Mentesana is great, and we don't have dental insurance. I don't know everyone else's pricing, but she's not bad at all.

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