Good Books About Pregnancy and Birth for a 6 Year Old?

Updated on May 08, 2014
A.L. asks from Seattle, WA
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I am expecting my second child and as would be expected my 6 year old has a lot of questions about what is happening.

I have no problem giving her age appropriate and antomically correct answers, but I think the whole idea is still pretty abstract for her.
I think it is time for us get a book with illustrations to look at.
I am looking for something that describes pregnancy and birth in a biologically correct manner without being gory.
Any suggestions?

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answers from Muncie on

My daughter was 6 too. I got on YouTube, watched a few videos and showed the appropriate ones to my daughter. Not many though, usually the ones of the baby moving in the tummy. She loved watching and feeling mine. We looked at development pictures, you know, the ones that show what the baby looks like at each stage and how big it is compared to something everyday. There are also tame anatomy images out there of the female body, you can show her the uterus and whatever else you are comfortable with showing her.

My daughter had a basic knowledge for the female body before I got pregnant. She's had a few times where she's been "ouchie" down there and I've had to put medicine on her. This led to questions and requests from her to not "tickle" her "bump". She wanted to see her "lady bits" one time so we got out a mirror. She'd also been in the bathroom with me one day during "that time of the month" and had questions. So those lead to the whole conversation about how all women have a special place inside their bodies (she did too) that babies grow in. I told her that in order for a baby to grown healthy it needed a special "nest" of blood, that an adult woman's body makes the "nest" every month inside that special place. If there was no baby the woman's body would get rid of the old "nest" and makes a new one. That when she was older her body would begin making "nests" too and that she needed to come tell me if and when it happens. She wanted to know where the "nest" came out of so the mirror came out again and I was able to show her on her own body her vagina and explained that that was where the blood came from, that it lead to the "special baby place" inside and that it was the natural way that babies are born. She also got a little worried about how tiny she was, but I told her that she was tiny because she was still a little girl and not a full grown woman. She would grown everywhere in time and when she's an adult her body will be ready. When I was pregnant she asked about the brith and I had to tell her that for me I would need a doctor's help when it was time for "Pindot" to be born. That lead to another conversation later on.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I spend hours on the internet looking at pictures, videos, and great graphics on fetal development and child birth with my daughters. They were fascinated. Just spend a few minutes prescreening, there is lots of age appropriate stuff on the internet. Even when stuff was over their head, they gained a lot from the graphics.

This is was one of our favorites for conception and fetal development:

This was a great one for child birth.

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answers from Phoenix on

The NOVA series "The Miracle of Life" is great. So is the book "A Child is Born". Both explore conception to birth with amazing in womb photography.
My oldest was 3-4 when I was pregnant with my youngest. We looked at the pictures coinciding with my pregnancy, talked about how the egg starts to grow, talked about what the baby was growing and when, and talked about what would happen when the baby was ready to be born. I had both her and her brother's births on video, so we watched those, when she wanted to (which was almost daily once she knew that was an option). They were both vaginal births with an epidural, so she got to see the biology and the process without a lot of screaming and drama. She's asked to see the video from the birth of my youngest, but I've stalled her because he was a drug-free birth and I don't want her to be overwhelmed seeing me in that much pain.

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answers from Indianapolis on

I have a book called It's Not the Stork.

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answers from Chicago on

I don't even remember what the video was, but I went to the library and asked the librarian and she came right out with a nice one for my kids.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I also have "It's not the stork". It covers everything from body parts, how babies are made, to pregnancy, and birth. It says it's written for ages 4-7, and I found it to be very age-appropriate for my 7 year old, and I think it would be fine for a 6 year old too.

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