Good Book on the 1St Yr. W/twins?

Updated on March 28, 2008
B.M. asks from Tulsa, OK
8 answers

My twins are 6 months old and I'd love to find a good book on their first year or two.

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answers from Shreveport on

I know of one that has some info in it for twins. It is "What to expect the first year" by the same people who wrote "what to expect when you're expecting".



answers from Pine Bluff on

I never sat down to read a book on twins. However the best thing I know is just live one day at a time,and Life as you know it will be funny at times,and will make you cry at times.
I have twin daughters and they can be a handful.
They will be 11 this yr. When they were little, they would take peanut butter and smear it on their bedroom walls, on floors, on the tables, you name it. They also took my butter and smeared it on the kitchen floor, sink, stove, and table.
Mine take turns being the boss. When they are into something, one watches to make sure they don't get in trouble, still...

I am a SAHM to, married 4yrs, and have 3 children.. son is 17yrs and twin daughters 10 yrs.



answers from Shreveport on

Hello, B.! I don't have an answer for you, but just wanted to tell you how lucky you are! Twin daughters and an older daughter, too! That sounds so wonderful to me! I have three boys and would love to have a daughter. I have always wanted twins, either twin girls or one of each. I am also a SAHM who's been married for almost 8 years. I'm sure you are doing a wonderful job, so keep it up!



answers from Oklahoma City on

Hi B.
I am a mom of 23 year old twins and never did find that book ... the only information I was given on twins was given by people that didn't have twins? The best advice I can give is that no two sets of twins are a like ... don't take advice from people who do not have twins (even teachers) & remember they may of came as a set but may not always be a set... and then again they may be a set for life, no matter what you do or don't do. I dressed mine a like when they were little because it was easy... when they were old enough to dress themselves they picked out their clothes sometimes they dressed alike and sometimes they didn't. They were in the same kindergarden class and in separate classes for 1st and 2nd grades then in 3rd grade we said enough they should be in the same classes same homeroom teacher! If you let the schools they will make having twins hard work! It doesn't have to be! You are in charge remember that!
When my twins were 6 months old their big sister was 26 months old ... so those days are a blur for me ... but I made it and they are wonderful!! Take one day at a time and ask for help when you need it BUT remember you are the Mom and what you say is the law! AND take advice and turn it inside out before you use it.... B.
PS: This thing should have spell check! lol



answers from New Orleans on

Hi! I am Mom to 2 year old boy-girl twins and the best books I found are by Elizabeth Lyon - Ready or Not Here We Come (first year) and Ready or Not, There We Go (toddlers to 4). I first read the first book while pregnant and laughed my butt off. Re-read it while on maternity leave, breastfeeding and cried! Not everything she says applies to our situation or works for our family, but she is a mom of twins and she KNOWS what it's like. She writes with humor and candor and also gives the advice/methods of her girlfriends with multiples so you are likely to find something that works for you. Small books, but I still go back to them over and over again if only to give myself a good laugh. Good luck! I think you'll enjoy these.




answers from Oklahoma City on

I wish I could offer one but honestly I have never found one I like. It is sad but true. I have looked in many places. I am surprised there aren't more. Even looking online for things was never really successful. I guess Mom's of twins don't have time to write a good book. LOL



answers from Tuscaloosa on

I had 2 books I used. I checked them out from the library, but I believe they're readily available at bookstores or
I read this one first.

Twins! : Expert Advice from Two Practicing Physicians on Pregnancy, Birth, and the First Year of Life With Twins
by Dr. Connie L. Agnew and Dr. Alan H. Klein

and this one second.

Double Duty : The Parents' Guide to Raising Twins,
from Pregnancy Through the School Years
by Christina B. Tinglov

Congratulations on your twins. They are a blessing. Mine will be 4 this year, time goes by so fast.

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