Good Bike for a 3-Year Old

Updated on January 25, 2011
W.R. asks from Blacksburg, VA
5 answers

My daughter is turning 3 soon, and we thought a bike would be a good gift for her b'day. She is good on her trike and really wants a bike now. Does anyone have suggestions about brands, sizes, features, etc.?

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answers from Norfolk on

I would definitely recommend a balance bike: no pedals or gear system. The kid learns how to balance and then you upgrade to a bike with pedals and away they go! We purchased a "Specialized" bike from our local bike shop and it is awesome. My then 2-yr old really got the hang of it just as he turned 3. He could fly on that thing! Also, the good ones are extremely lightweight so they are much easier to balance and get up and down hills. My son was able to ride a "real" bike without training wheels 3 months before his 4th birthday. This has been great because I'm able to help my 2-yr old on his balance bike while the 5 year old cruises on his own. They are expensive, but you can resell them or even get a credit towards your next bike when you buy from a local store. Good luck!



answers from Norfolk on

go to walmart or toys r us and say just for fun have her try to get on the bikes there. she should be able to touch the ground with the end of her foot and toes while sitting in the seat. she should be able to throw her leg over and get on by herself. im assuming a 12 inch would be best for her but thats assuming shes of average hight. at this age any brand is fine sense it's not like she'll be riding it so hard it may fall apart. let her tell you which character or color bike she likes best and then you'll know which she likes most.



answers from Dallas on

We bought a 12" bike with training wheels for our son and daughter and they both love them. My daughter is almost 5 and getting a little big for hers now, but she loves it. My son is two and was able to ride it within a day of getting on it. Both came from Wal-Mart. Daughter's was the Barbie one with cupcakes and son's was Toy Story 3. I don't think the brand really matters, but for a girl it HAS to have a basket! My daughter collect's more things in hers so we got the Toy Story bike with a bag on front so my son could collect things in his.



answers from San Diego on

A lot of my friends have "balance bikes." They're bikes that don't have pedals that are supposed to help kids learn to balance on two wheels. The kids I know who have used them have all made really quick transitions to regular bikes without training wheels.

We didn't get it for my son, though, because he wouldn't use it. We just got him a regular Huffy 12" with training wheels. It's perfect for him. He's about 40 inches tall.



answers from Honolulu on

How tall is she?
This is what to go by..... bikes' have a 'height' on them... per age.
If you go to Amazon.. you can see the kids bikes there, for examples, and the sizes of it.... and what age range it is for... so you can get an idea.

My son, is 4 years old and is 45" tall... and has a 16" (wheels) bike. with training wheels. It is a "Huffy" brand, gotten from Costco. It has good reviews.
He could use a taller bike, because he is a tall boy.. but the 16" bike, is fine, and the seat can be made higher. So this is good for him.
He can reach the ground with his toes/feet... which is what is important.

Walmart... also online, you can check out the kids bikes and read the reviews there....

Most kids bikes, for this age, will have removable training wheels on it.

ALSO the seats, are adjustable... and make sure the seat height is at the right height.

all the best,

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