Good/Bad Companies for Life Insurance

Updated on July 29, 2009
C.R. asks from Birmingham, AL
4 answers

You never really know how good your insurance is until you need to use it, yes? So I'd like to hear from you who have been through the unfortunate situation of having to make a claim on a life insurance policy.
I know how much insurance I want and I know what type, but now I'm interested in hearing about companies - specifically how good/bad a company is when it comes to paying a life insurance claim. Please share your experience(s)!
Thanks =)

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Primerica Financial Services is wonderful. The will help you with financial planning, as well as life insurance. All the financial planning stuff is free of charge. They make their money on the insurance policies and retirement plan stuff they do. My dad used to work for them, but no longer does. He and I have always been very impressed with the company. I work with Bob Kulaszewicz. His email is [email protected]



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my hubby sell insurance and could talk to you any time you would like hi name is frank and you can reach him at ###-###-#### you can also sign up for this free thing he offers it give discounts on things at the time of a funeral give him a call he can take time to help in any way he can we have 3 kids 9 7 and 6 month



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insurance companies are rated (the rating is mostly regarding how secure they are). Make sure sure get a highly rated company so they are in business if you need the money.

AM Best rates -- I'm sure you can google AM Best and get some information.



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Hi C.,

My Mom carried an AARP life insurance policy before her passing in 2004. She had named her brother as benificiary. Unfortunately he passed only 6 months before she did. My Mom never recovered from his passing and therefore didn't have the prescence of mind to change the benificiaries to my sister and me. After she passed, we had to prove that our uncle had preceeded her in death and that we were her only children. Once that was proven we got a check in no time. She didn't have a will but the titles to all the property she and my uncle owned were already signed and we didn't have to go through the courts. (He died from cancer and she had some close calls so went ahead and signed everything just in case.) It probably took us 6-8 weeks to get the final checks. AARP split the policy into two checks so there was no question we each got our fair share.

I hope this helps - S.

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