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Updated on April 12, 2008
C.I. asks from Mount Airy, MD
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Hi everyone! I am having trouble with my son. He has exema and I think he may have allergies to some of the different types of berries... maybe his laundry soap. I just don't know. Long story short my pediatrician is REALLY BAD with referrals and I have an Open Access health care plan so I don't have to talk to them first anyway!

I'm looking for an allergist that's within an hour drive of Mt. Airy Maryland that's good with kids. My son is 1. Anyone have any good referrals? Thanks so much for the help!!

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Dr. Silber---he's awesome but may take a while to get an appnt. He's out of Ellicoit City but in Eldersburg i think once a month. He's helped my twins w/their dairy allergy and asthma issues since they were 1 1/2 and they're almost 5 now.



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Hi C.,

I know the name of an allergist that is great with kids (I haven't used him personally, but know people who have) and he has an office in Eldersburg and Ellicott City. His name is Dr. Silber and I have also heard that he has a huge number of patients, so it may be hard to get in. My husband was looking for an allergist and it was a couple months before they were going to be able to see him, so we went to a different Dr. It is definitely worth a try. If they arent' able to, I am sure they could refer you to another one who is good with kids. I hope this helps.




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Hi C.,

I can recommend Dr Silber in Columbia / Ellicott City - he has treated me and my son.

Also, if your son has ecxema, I would strongly recommend looking at the products you are using around your house - especially your laundry detergent, soaps and lotions, and make sure they are healthy and toxin-free.

I can recommend a great company that has helped me, my daughter, and my friend's daughter with allergies, dry skin, and asthma.

Feel free to drop me an email at [email protected] and I can tell you all about them!




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My son is six and has had lots of rashes and contact dermatitis, (we have changed detergents and fabric softeners and lotions). He also gets spots of exema. I know what you are going through.

Do you have fair skin? We do, and this tends to contribute to our problems. I am alergic to ALOE. Yes, Aloe. Check the products you use and see how many contain aloe. They put it in everything these days. It gives me a rash and it burns. Definitely check soaps, body washes, even lip balm. (I have to check shaving cream and deodorants)My son also gets hives. This is new.

Our Pediatrician is wonderful. He has been able to help us though everything. (you know how we first time parents are) Dr. Ted Wells-Green is in Damascus, near Jimmy-Cone I think. He is so wonderful and explains things without talking down to the parents. I hope I said something helpful.

If your doctor didn'd do anything for the exema, then you should see a dermatologist. We have Dr Thomus Yu- he is great, but cosen because he was on our health care plan. You know hw that is.

Good Luck, I hope SOMETHING I wrote proves useful.

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