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Updated on May 19, 2011
J.W. asks from Aurora, IL
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Hi Moms: A group of my friends and their children are going to the Shedd Aquarium, and none of us have been there before. We are looking for advice or tips on where to park, how much is the parking, where we should eat, and any other helpful information. Anything you can tell us would be great. Thank you!!!

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answers from Chicago on

It is part of the museum campus. The parking is cental to Aquarium, Planetarium, and Field Museum. It has been a year since I've been there, but I believe the parking was $24 for the day ( 4+hours constitutes a day, or something like that.) Just remember, it's not the suburbs

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If you go to their website, they will show you where to park. I believe they have a McDonalds and a cafeteria there and other restaurants, but they are pricey. You can always pack lunches, or bring KFC or something from the suburbs and avoid the city taxes/aquarium prices. Have Fun!!

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Going to the Shedd, you can park at Soldier Field, it is underground parking. The price varies, but I would count on it being $20-$25, and if you show up and it is less you can be pleasantly surprised. Sometimes they have a early bird rate if you get in before a certain time.

Just my suggestion on the Shedd. I took my kids there last year (they were 2&4 and my son was just a baby), and since there isn't a lot of interaction, my kids found it boring, it is pretty dark in there exhibits and if you want to see anything except the main viewing area such as the dolphins, there is an extra charge.

I personally love the shedd aquarium, but my kids are more active and want to touch everything, so the Museum of Science and Industries, is our choice for our hands on kids.

Whatever you choose, I know you will have a great time down by the lake. Dress warm, and bring your own snacks.

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answers from Chicago on

Hi J.. We took our kids to the Shedd Aquarium earlier this year. We were very surprised to find that there is virtually no "local" street parking left in the area any more. Official parking for the Shedd is in the underground garage for Soldier Field...and you have to hoof if over to the Aquarium. It's a long walk outside between between the garage and Aquarium -- so have weather appropriate clothing/accessories (umbrellas, coats, etc.) I had no idea about this and was very glad I had put both kids in the double stroller with their coats!!

We didn't use the restaurants -- we brought "brown bag" lunches for all of us and sat on a bench in front of the fish and ate.

Check out the Shedd Website for more info about parking and their restaurants. Have a great time!!

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answers from Gainesville on

Chicago Museum of Science and Industry offering matchless fun time to the people of all ages. This one is not all about of just peeping into the unexciting exhibits, but it is rather a live house offering hands on approach for a unique knowledge.

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