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Updated on April 25, 2011
L.C. asks from Paris, TN
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We're taking our 4 year old granddaughter to the beach for the first time this summer. Anything we need to know as far as what to take for her to play with, etc.?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Water shoes - the sand can get hot. Pail and shovel (several if possible so you can 'play' too). One of those little mesh bags for shells.

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answers from Orlando on

I like using the short sleeve swim shirts or rash guards as they are called, they really protect well and I don't have to stress about the sunscreen on that part of the body, which helps! I always bring an umbrella, hat, sunscreen, beach toys for digging and building castles, sheet for sitting on (under the umbrella), towels, cooler with lunch and drinks, and a camera! A kite is always fun, you can get little cheapy ones for a couple of dollars that will last a few days, they are pretty simple and easy to use. When my daughter was 2 she could hold and walk with a kite, very fun! Oh, and one trick I found was that baby wipes are amazing at taking off the sand from the skin! Bring baby wipes! Lol... have lots of fun :)



answers from Washington DC on

We are night owls! Also, my kids have don't like the sun glare on the hot sand. I try to go to the beach in the afternoons like after 3:30p. In the afternoon, the sun glare is gone, the sand is cooler, and as long as you remember the hats and lotion, you won't need an umbrella. I usually let my kids sleep in or go to mini golf or shopping in the morning.

Remember to not let her play down at the water line without an adult within arms reach. It always amazes me the people that sit up in the sand yards away from the toddlers at the water line, like nothing can/will happen.



answers from Phoenix on

Take a large, cheap jar of BABY POWDER....it's magic. Sprinkle it on any sand clinging to her hands and toes and off it flies.


answers from Philadelphia on

what the person below said and if there are no hoses to clean off, empty two gallon jugs to rinse off after, and maybe play with during....a kite maybe? and a life vest if ur paranoid like M.=) and money for rides and junk food



answers from Minneapolis on

A bucket and a shovel to dig in the sand, and appropriate sunscreen and a towel. That's all my daughter ever required to have fun at the beach!


answers from Jacksonville on

Def. a bucket and shovel! My daughter would spend all day digging if I let her, they also have little plastic molds you can fill with sand and turn upside down and they make shapes. We have a dolphin, starfish, fish and such. Big beach towel and plenty of water.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I woul say to invest in or rent a really good umbrella & a few chairs. Sunblock, hat, rash guard shirts/bottoms will all protect from the sun. bucket, shovel, sand molds, strainer, etc But be prepared--she might just HATE the sand! Little life vest for the pool?



answers from Chicago on

How fun! We just got back from the beach with our 4 year old and 2 year old. In terms of float devices, swim rings, and beach toys like plastic buckets and shovels, you can typically buy all of that stuff there, provided you're going somewhere with a walmart or target or something comparable. Bring your own sunscreen though, for some reason it's always more expensive in beach towns. Also FYI we buy a hypoallergenic sunscreen for my 4 year old (several days in a row of sand, chlorine, sunscreen, etc can be tough on sensitive skin - and be sure to get something made for kids and is tear-free.

Also be sure to have lots of books on hand, and if she's into any little leapster or vtech games or anything - we bring that stuff down to the beach too to give our kids a little midday break in the shade out of the sun and having the books or games gives them a little down time. We find it helps them make it through the day.

Be sure she has a couple of sun hats (if you can get her to keep one on), and sunglasses for sure too. Have fun!

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