Going to New Orleans, What Is It to Do? Younger Couple Mid 30S....

Updated on July 09, 2010
A.F. asks from Ann Arbor, MI
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My husband and I are taking a short weekend get away to New Orleans this weekend (WITHOUT THE KIDS). Any suggestions or what to do, where to go, where to eat...must see, etc....

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answers from New Orleans on

The French Quarter, stroll the streets, these buildings are very old, see the Saint Louis Catheral at Jackson Square, check out the museums, have coffee & beignets, have a po boy or gumbo at Johnny's, go to decatur street there is a italian grocery that makes the best muffalats!!!sp? The jewelry shops in the quarter are very pricey, I checked one out for a beaded necklace with a pendant, the guy wanted $168 I and others online sell for a whole lot less. A similar necklace at my shop would have been probably about $42!!! www.AdinasJewelry.etsy.com SIGNED NATIVE OF NEW ORLEANS

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answers from Biloxi on

If you've got a car, the Honey Island Swamp Tour in Slidell is pretty cool. I think that they might have a shuttle that runs from New Orleans, as well, but I am not sure. Don't go to the Insta-Gator Alligator Ranch because it is expensive, not very good and the people are rude. The aquarium is good, but I probably would not go without kids. Have fun! There are also some really cool dinner cruises in the big paddle boats right downtown, near where the aquarium is on Canal Street.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

Check out the French quarter during the day. A small flea market as well as original entertainment. There is a guy who is totally silver and he dances like a robot usually on top of a milk crate. Many one of a kind sights! Go to cafe du monde for beignets (like a powdered donut but so much better) pat o'brians for dinner and a huge hurricane (drink) then walk bourbon during the night for sights and dancing. U can ride tge bull at one of the places. The name slips my mind, but u cant miss it. There are many different options to enjoy. If u had the kids I would say the zoo. New Orleans zoo is the best!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Bourbon street! Great music, shops, food! Also, make sure to eat a few beignets O. morning!

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answers from Tuscaloosa on

There's SO much to do, depending on your style. The garden district is beautiful with lots of old houses to see. There are great museums. I think it's the D-Day museum that I have heard so many good things about. There is a riverboat (paddle steamer) you can ride near the cathedral/square. You must have coffee and beignets (donuts) at Cafe Du Monde (same area). The riverwalk is pretty. Bourbon St. is neat to see and you can do it during the day if you want to stay tame or at night to see the nightlife. There are voodoo tours. My favorite thing to do (before Katrina) was to go to O'Flaherty's Irish pub and listen to terrific live Irish music. I'm not sure if it's still there or not. Pat O'Brien's is another famous restaurant on Bourbon St. If you've never had fried alligator or drank a hurricane, I recommend theirs! HAVE FUN!



answers from New Orleans on

I moved to the New Orleans are three years ago with my husband and have done a lot of the tourist things as family has come to visit. I highly recommend an airboat swamp tour (maybe one at dusk to beat the heat) and a walking tour of new orleans graveyards. Our favorite restaurants in the french quarter are Mr. B's (great atmosphere and food) and K-Paul's (really good steak with debris sauce!).



answers from Shreveport on

Definately go to bourdon street, royal street and cafe de monte............take trolly down st. Chares......it is a neat place to visit.....la.



answers from Little Rock on

its a great place for kids too. we went a few yrs ago and did the trolley, aquarium, and just strolled. we did eat beignets at that restaurant. very fun time and i see someone suggested the zoo. so maybe this time you two can check things out and have fun at those restaurants and doing grown up things then plan another trip with the kids. have fun!



answers from Baton Rouge on

There is so much to do in "Nawlins" and I hope you have a wonderful time.

Some things that are favorites of mine are the Zoo http://www.auduboninstitute.org/visit/zoo and the Aquarium http://www.auduboninstitute.org/visit/aquarium . They have an IMAX too http://www.auduboninstitute.org/visit/imax . All of these we frequent with our little ones, so ideas for kid free fun are as follows.

The Vieux Carre' or more commonly known as the French Quarter is awesome. Strolling around it, having your picture painted, or sneaking into a place I can't recall the name of for an icecream is so relaxing. (some places may have changed since post Katrina as my favorite thing was lunch at La Madeleine's but you can find them still in NO, just not in the square.) You can even catch a Mule-drawn carriage. They can be boarded on the Decatur Street side of Jackson Square almost any hour of the day or you can simply hail an empty carriage from the street. The tour is nice way to see around the area with some background information. Do get a map, so you can keep up with where you want to walk back to. The area is fairly walking friendly but as in all urban areas, be safe and aware of your surroundings, especially after dark. At night in New Orleans try to use busy streets for travel. It is just safer that way.

A link to almost everything is www.neworleansonline.com

A must do is trying Beignets or the easier to enjoy version Fingers at Cafe Du Monde. They are just a short stroll away from the French Quarter and the start of the French Market. After you enjoy that tasty treat or awesome breakfast you can stroll to the other end and find shops along the way as well as the French Market. The start is a farmers market of fruits and goodies but it ends at the flea market. Check out the link http://www.frenchmarket.org/ to get some ideas.

I'd start my day at Cafe Du Monde, walk to the French Market, visit the start and end at the flea market and head back to visit the Vieux Carre'. I'd piddle around, do a painting or just watch one being done and then grab a mule carriage tour. After the tour I'd grab a lunch in Jackson Square or whatever in the area suits your fancy and then off to see the Church "The St. Louis Cathedral" right in the Square as well. The link to Jackson Square follows and it can tell you everything right in the square. http://www.jackson-square.com/ If still up for a cool down, I'd get some icecream. There is a great toy shop "The Little Toy Shop" in the area and you could always grab a souvenior for the kids. Just thinking it wise to spend the cooler morning stolling and the heat of the day in a carriage or lunching. Though a cold treat at anytime is sure to comfort you.

There is also a great little cafe called the Gazebo Cafe that has good food and awesome icecream daquiris that you can have without icecream or alcohol. Their wesite is http://www.gazebocafenola.com/ They also have live music at different times and they are the opposite end of the shopping center that starts with Cafe Du Monde and just a few lengths before the Market. Just stoll and relax and eat alot. Of course all at your own pace. You are never going to have food so good any where else in the world.

Now that only encompasses one morning and early day. You'd want to rest up and absolutely visit Bourbon Street after dark. I'd wind down with an evening dinner on Bourban at one of the many places you see is packed or just head on over to Pat O's which is the affectionate name for Pat O'Briens, a New Orleans legacy. www.patobriens.com. You could do dinner there and enjoy evening drinks on the patio. Check their site for coupons, the menu and of course check to see the hours that food is served. If you are more hard core than me, you could start with dinner and drinks at Pat O's and then stroll Bourbon for what is sure to be things you will never see again. For late night dancing on Bourbon that is sure to remind you of your single or college days try the Cat's Meow, The Oz or Razoo. Another hot spot but not on Bourbon is Tipitina's at 501 Napoleon Ave. Thier link is www.tipitinas.com. You are going to find there is too much to do and not enough time.

Then there is always shopping at JAX BREWERY http://www.jacksonbrewery.com/ and there is a food court on the 2nd floor looking out on the River.
Now a Riverboat Cruise or one with dinner is fabulous as well, try http://www.steamboatnatchez.com/ or google riverboat new orleans for others.

Other restaurants can be found at http://www.neworleansrestaurants.com/restaurants.html
Though my suggestions are broad....
for an awesome bruch ..try Two Sisters. Their Jazz Brunch Buffet is fabulous and a link to their menu and location is at http://www.neworleansrestaurants.com/courtoftwosisters/
a MUST eat would be Mother's
for 5 star, expensive cuisine you could visit Commander's Palace, though if possible when you make reservations ask if you can sit in the kitchen. http://www.commanderspalace.com/
for a country cajun favorite that is sure to be the most authentic...and the the tossed corn bread if still done is a amazing...
if you want pasta... try Semolina's nothing like that anywhere else. though it's just a hop away in Metarie
Or the sister restaurant to Semolina's is Zea... awesome everything. Priced fair
a favorite we drive for that is relaxed environment and good food is Houston's. Ttere is one on St. Charles or a tiny drive into Metarie for the other location
The wesite is www.hillstone.com and the NO location is at 1755 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA - ###-###-####

This is all that I can recall off the top of my head as there is so much to do, but my hubby likes to get reviews for NO restaurants at
http://www.nomenu.com/ They are sure to have info and pics to make your mouth water.

We also have a wax museum, though I haven't been yet. Thier webiste is www.neworleanswaxmuseum.com and may give you an idea if you want to visit.
This may be a help too http://www.neworleanscoupons.com/

Not my idea of a good time but if you like casinos, there is Harrah's New Orleans Casino www.HarrahsNewOrleans.com

A 3 day romantic itenerary is listed at http://www.neworleansonline.com/tools/itineraries/romanti... Since this info is so last minute and there is SO MUCH to do there, you may have to visit again.

Then there are the streetcars that are so neat to see and even ride. I think they may have tours via them as well and some that let you see some historic homes that will stun you. http://www.inetours.com/New_Orleans/St_Charles_Streetcar....

Things going on this weekend include Bastille Day Block Party @ 3100 block of Ponce de Leon Street Saturday, July 10
But there are many on going event you can search by entering the date and selecting events at http://www.neworleansonline.com/calendar/events.html

I hope you have a wonderful stay and find the need to return soon as there really is no state like Louisiana and no place like New Orleans.

Have a fun and safe trip.

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