Going to Disneyland Next week...tips???

Updated on November 22, 2008
T.S. asks from Orinda, CA
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Hi moms,
We are going to Disneyland next week with 3 kids (9, 13 and 15) plus various other aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. We haven't been there in a while and I'm looking for tips on what's hot and what's not. Since our time is limited and I know the park will be busy I'd love to be able to focus on the attractions that are actually worth it.
Also, has anyone stayed at the Doubleetree Suites, Anaheim Convention Center? If so, what did you think?
Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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answers from San Francisco on

I have to say, since your kids are older, they may appreciate the California Adventure park. My kids used to LOVE Disneyland when they were younger, but the last time we went, their favorite was California Adventure. My girls' favorite rides were Tower of Terror and California Screamin'. My favorite ride is Soarin' Over California. Don't bother with the parades here. I usually get the hopper so we can go to both parks.

For Disneyland, the best rides are the classics: Haunted House (scarier at night,) Matterhorn, Space Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean. My new favorite ride is the Indiana Jones Adventure. I also recommend sticking around for the Parade of Dreams. It is a truly beautiful display that we all enjoyed.

By the way, I have a good friend who has worked the Haunted House and swears there are real ghosts there, much to her chagrin. A little boy and a woman in a red dress. If your family like ghost stories, I'll tell what I remember to you :)

One last favorite in Disneyland is the jazz band in New Orleans. They are great to listen and dance to. A real slice of Mardi Gras there. While your there you can pick up a bread bowl of jumbalaya that's so tasty even my 11 year old like it and she's picky.

Since it will be busy, try out the Fast Trak system. It allows you to enjoy more rides in less time. Less waiting and hassle.

I haven't stayed in the Doubletree, but I have enjoyed Peacock and Homewood Suites. Peacock is closer and cheaper, but not a nice as Homewood. I would give thumbs up for both.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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answers from San Francisco on

Hi T.,

My husband and I are huge Disney fans and we go every year. If you have limited time, I would suggest these rides:
1. Indiana Jones
2. Splash Mountain
3. Space Mountain
4. Buzz Lightyear
5. Since you're going for Thanksgiving, Haunted Mansion has been transformed into Nightmare Before Christmas. This is always a must-see for us. Haunted Mansion is a classic ride and to see if transformed for the holidays is quite a treat.

You might want to get a Fast Pass for one or two of these rides once you arrive to help lessen the wait. If you're not familiar with the Fast Pass system, here's a link for more info:

On the California Adventure side, California Screamin', Tower of Terror, and Soarin' would be my picks.

If it is hot and you want to take a break during the day, consider watching the Aladdin Musical Show. More info at:

Hope this helps. Enjoy and have a great time!


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answers from San Francisco on

Hi T.
having gone to Disney several times and most recently in October, I can tell you the rides that initially get the longest lines are Indiana Jones (go there first) thru the gates and to your left to Adventure land, you will find it. then from there, the older kids tend to like splash mt.. (another one that can get a long line)

now, the mansion and pirates are close to one another, so it's worth knocking those two out after splash.. the other long line will be for Space mt.. that is in tomorrowland... after splash, u may even want to skip pirates and mansion.. do space mt. and then come back for pirates/mansion..(their lines go a little faster as they board more ppl at once)

above all, go to indiana first!! you ll be glad u did.. lines can get to 70 minutes long for that one...

as for califonia park.. the big rollercoast def fills up... but that park i believe opens AFTER disney.. also, soaring over california is pretty cool.. the water ride also gets busy( again the bigger kids like that) but if it's cool.. the lines for the water ride arent as long(also, i have noticed that some kids bring shorts/wetsuit top and go on the rides and then change afterwards..

umm what else... well have a GREAT
p.s..... if it's a hot day.. california park can get soooooooo hot during mid-day because they don't have that many trees.... if with older ppl or ppl who can't stand the heat.. best to do that park early or later after sundown.. otherwise, it can be extremely hot........

have fun!!

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