Going to Disney World Orlando - Need Inexpensive Hotel Recommendations

Updated on August 17, 2008
E.S. asks from Plano, TX
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Hello. My hubby and I are planning to take our 8 year old to Disney World in Florida this October. For one, we have no idea where to start. I think that the Magic Kingdom may be a little juvenille for our son, so we may try Universal Studios and some of the other parks. Any advice on what would be cool enough for an older boy?

Also, I have seen the prices for hotels in Disney and nearly choked at some of them. Does anyone have any recommendations for nice hotels in Disney that are on the less expensive side? What about the meal plans? Are they worth it? Also, if you know how we can get discounts that would be great.

Thank you so much!

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If you're flying to Orlando and don't want the expense of renting a car, the slightly higher expense of the Disney hotels is a good trade-off because all Disney hotel guests get free transportation to/from the parks and the airport. That saves on car rental, gas, and parking fees at the parks & hotels. Their value hotel rates really aren't that bad compared to other non-Disney hotels in the area. Of course, if you're driving, then transportation isn't an issue. Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios) is a good park for older kids - more wild rides and shows (be sure to see the Lights, Action, Motorcars show - or whatever they are calling it these days).

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I just wanted to comment on the meal plan. I went last year with hubby and two kiddos. We did the meal plan and it was the best!!!! Just be aware of what you get and use it all. We got fruit bowls with our breakfast every morning and stashed them in our room fridge for end of the day snacks. On our last day, we still had a few snack credits so we loaded up on snack food that we could eat on our trip home. It was a blessing in the parks because I didn't have to worry about how much cash I was carrying or losing the credit card, etc... I would also suggest that you stay in the park. You don't have to drive to the parks and worry about parking, everything you could need or want is at the hotels. the DW complex is enormous- like its own city. Once you check in, you have no worries- evrything is taken care of!!! Have a blast-

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If you go to DW, you need to be ready to spend some bucks. Nothing is cheap there. After you make your budget for your expenses, you might want to step that up a bit because most people spend more than they plan.

There is something in every park that your son would enjoy.

Have fun.



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are you driving there or flying? If flying, it is inexpensive to stay at one of the Disney resorts because of all the perks you get: free transportation to and from the airport -- they take your luggage for you so there's no waiting at baggage claim -- and they take them directly to your room for you. So you can literally hop off the plane and go straight to the parks.

Also, if you are a resort guest there is bus/boat transportation to/from the parks to your hotel. There's really no need for a car rental. No parking hassles at the parks or parking fees.

And if you're a resort guest you get to stay in certain parks earlier than opening/later than closing -- there's a schedule of which parks have early magic hours or late magic hours for resort guests -- that means you can ride those most popular rides with shorter wait times during those times!
So there are some great perks.... have you seen the value resorts -- like Disney's Pop Century Resort. I think the value rate is $82/night for a standard room; regular rate is $99-109. I think in October, you'd be going at either a regular time or a value rate time. Summer and holidays are peak prices. Christmas time is actually a very expensive time to go!!
Other value resorts are the All-Star resorts (All-Star Movies, All-Star Music, All-Star Sports) and they are soo cute for kids!! Look at the pics on the website below.

Go to allears.net for more tips/reviews.

Also -- the Magic Kingdom isn't to babyish for any age -- my husband and I loved it!! Really there's something for every age!! Go to that website for the rides you should go on. Also the best book out there is: Passporter's Walt Disney World! Gives lots of info about every park and that book has the best maps -- better than Disney maps that they hand out at the parks! This book also gives the age recommendations of each ride/height restrictions so you can plan out your day better. At Magic Kingdom, there's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad rollercoaster; Splash Mountain log flume; The Haunted Mansion - scary!!; Space Mountain (rollercoaster in the dark); Stitch's Great Escape; Tomorrowland Indy Speedway (bumper cars).
Also -- For an older boy that loves to be scared -- I would highly recommend going to Animal Kingdom and riding the Dinosaur ride -- OMG!! I was scared out of my pants!! Lots of HUGE dinosaurs roaring at you in surround sound - in the dark! The older kids loved it! My poor 5 yr old -- he was shaking a bit! I think it was too much for him.
At Disney's Hollywood Studios -- go on the Aerosmith Rock 'n' Roller Coaster; and of course the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (that's the elevator ride that goes up and down over and over again).



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My husband and I took our kids ages 10 and 2 to Disney 7/3 thru 7/6. The package which included air/hotel/rental car was $1327 for 4 people. The hotel was a Best Western. It was a clean place to shower/sleep. We booked the week b4 on Travelocity in the early morning. The key is to be flexible and keep checking. We have gone to several of the parks in Orlando and my son has enjoyed them all. Even at Magic Kingdom there is something for everyone.

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