Going to Disney but Need Some Advice....

Updated on January 06, 2009
G.G. asks from Waterbury, CT
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Hey ladies, we are surprising my 4 soon-to-be 5 year old son with a trip to Disney for his b-day and we are very excited. This will be his 1st plane ride so I have a few questions and concerns. Although, I don't think a 5 year old is treated any differently on a plane, I wasn't sure if he would need his booster seat for the plane ride. We will have it with us only cause we are renting a minivan for our stay and obviously, we will need it for that purpose. I'd rather not have to put him in a booster on the plane but I will if it's necessary and don't want to pay to rent one at the airport, that's even if they offer those kinds of rentals. So, that's concern number one. Secondly, I worry about his ears. What kinds of things should I have available to us? Those are my main concerns. Should I be concerned about anything else? If so, I would appreciate any advice and/or suggestions. I would also love to hear any advice or suggestions for taking a 5 year old to Disney....Thanx!

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answers from Buffalo on

i took my daughter when she was 4 and I had no problems. Make sure you take snacks on the plane, try to get her to eat them while taking off and landing and you should have o problem. About the booster,they don't need it on the plane but I do suggest taking it. I would check it with the bags. We didn't take one and they did not have any more at the car rental and we had to purchase one from wal-mart. The ones that I have seen are pretty dirty as well, so you are better off taking your own. Also make sure you take a stroller, it is a very big place and they get tired.



answers from New York on

Oh, you will have a blast. No need for booster on the plane. I suggest gum or lollipop for the plane. Also bring some activities with you for the plane ride. Either some coloring books, or a DVD player with some of his DVD's. I'm not up on what 4/5 year olds like. My son just turned 3, and I usually have a bag of tricks with me for the plane ride. It is not easy keeping a 2 or 3 year old seated on the plane. I usually bring things that are project like. paper cut outs of shapes, stickers, and a glue stick. That always kills 45 minutes. I also bring palydough, although I am not sure if kids your son's age are still into it or not. Coloring books, regular books to read, and a coupl of short DVD's always did the trick for me. Have a great time.



answers from Albany on

HI Gloria! What a lucky boy your son is! You will have great time.

First, there is no need for a booster on the plane. Check with the car retal place though. They usually offer them at no charge or minimal cost.

Second, give him gum for his ears. I also like to give tootsie rolls & starbursts because they are so chewy and the kids can't eat it quickly. Lollipops are also good, but my kids always bite them and they are gone before the plane takes off.

One last suggestion, rent a stroller. Even though your son is a big boy having a stroller will come in handy. There is a lot of walking and it will be hot so having one is defiinitely worth it. They give you a big name tag for the stroller so you will know which is yours after going on a ride.

HAve a great time!



answers from Buffalo on

i dont have any ideas sorry but im hoping you can let me know what you find out im to suprizing me 4 yrold turning 5 and 2 yr old turning 3 on there bdays as well.both of thier bdays are next month and its the first time im going on a plane as well as my 3 kids. I'm really scared to fly let alone fly with 2 adhd children so if you get any good ideas please share them with me

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