Going from Bottles to Sippy Cups

Updated on September 15, 2008
A.K. asks from Virginia Beach, VA
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My 15 month old son refuses to give his bottles up and when I hide them his father gives them back. I am not sure what to do? He will drink some stuff out of sippy cups, but then he gets so upset he starts throwing a fit.

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So What Happened?

So my husband and I are on the same page finally. My son is taking to the sippy cups pretty well, he went to sleep last night without a bottle or anything. I woke up this morning and gave him a cup to drink out of and he seems to be fine with it. So thank you for all the advice I received.

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Give or throw them away.
Get the sippy cup with the soft top (the one most like a bottle). If he's throwing a fit just take it away and ignore him, it won't hurt him to miss it a few times. He'll catch on quick his two choices, sippy cup or nothing. When he's truely hungry/thirsty it won't matter to him what it's in.

Talk to Daddy about giving in when he's throwing a fit.
That's a really bad habit to start.



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I have to say that I was terrible when it came to making my son give up his bottles! He was 2 1/2 before we finally took them away. He was only drinking one at night to go to sleep, though. At meals he always had a sippy cup. Maybe you could try limiting the bottle to night time so your little guy doesn't have to go "cold turkey"??
But more disturbing is the fact that your hubby goes behind your back and gives the bottles back. Your husband needs to be on the same page as you! Talk about it with him and come up with a plan that works and that he can also stick to (and not just with the bottle issue, but all parenting decisions). I know my husband and I disagree sometimes about parenting strategies, but it's VERY important that your husband doesn't undermine your efforts!! You have to be a "united front" or your son will learn very quickly that he can manipulate you.
Good luck!



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Throw the bottles out. It will only get harder to get rid of them if you (or Daddy!) keep giving them back. Try using one of those little sippies with no suction and a soft tip which is more like a bottle. Then transition from there. It took both of my kids several different sippies before they found one they liked. Stick with it, it really shouldn't take long at all. Good luck to you!



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My 19 month old doesn't like sippy cups and went straight to straw cups. She would also rather drink straight from the cup than use a sippy. I got the take and toss straw cups for her. Maybe he'll like that better. If he doesn't get it, try doing this: you know how you can hold water in a straw by putting your finger over the top? Well, do that and release the liquid slowly into his mouth. Maybe that help him realize that liquid is supposed to come out of there and start sucking.

Hope this helps.

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