Going Back to Work and Need Help with Deciding on Pump...

Updated on May 01, 2017
A.P. asks from New York, NY
12 answers

deciding between these 3 pumps to use at work and seems like the middle one has some decent reviews. would be great to get some more opinions. thanks in advance!

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answers from Springfield on

I used Medela. Any of the three on this page would be good. The cheapest one is a single, so if you're looking to pump everyday at work you should probably go with one of the doubles.


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answers from Washington DC on

Check to see if you can rent one and just buy the tubing and personal attachments. I recommend the Medela Pump in Style.

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answers from Wausau on

I used a Medela Pump In Style which was great. That was quire some time ago so I am not familiar with the current model's features. The one I had came with too-small bottles. I got an adapter so I could use larger bottles with it.

I also had an Avent manual pump which was also a good thing to have, but that wouldn't be a great choice for work use.

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answers from Norfolk on

No one clicks on links here.
Medela is a trusted brand and it's what I used when I needed one.

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answers from New York on

Contact your insurer. Mine was covered with no co pay. The ob had to complete some paperwork which they did gladly. I chose models but had a choice of a half dozen. Worked well enough for me.

Good luck with your decision and best as you return to work.

F. B.

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answers from Atlanta on

I'm not going to click on an unknown link, nor will most of the people who post on this site. You need to provide all the necessary information IN your post if you want useful answers to your question. I can tell you that I used a Medela pump when I was nursing, if that helps. Good luck with the decision.

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answers from San Diego on

I had limited time to pump with my kids. Went through 2 poorly made pumps. So I rented a hospital grade breast pump. It was amazing so fast, easy, and sturdy. Highly recommend.



answers from Portland on

Pump in style, no doubt. I had one I got from a woman who had used it through 3 children (Just bought replacement lines, etc).... it was still a workhorse when I stopped pumping after a year or so.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I used Medela Pump in Style for both kids. Worked great. I also recommend a hands free pumping bustier - you can find them through several companies online.


answers from Washington DC on

sorry - won't click on your link....

welcome to mamapedia.

I used a Medela Pump In Style. My insurance covered it.


answers from Springfield on

i was using a first years mi pump. with great results, then was givem a medela pump in style. i saw no difference between the 2 (first years was smaller and worked great in the car with batteries, didnt have a battery option for the medela)


answers from Washington DC on

Agree w/ other moms on clicking on links.
But I have used Ameda for first 2 kids(hospital grade double pump), and Medela for my last son(went back to work, used hand pump and used Medela Pump in Style Advanced w/ on the go tote). I lucked out with getting first one for free, 2nd pump was from a FB yardsale.
Good Luck?

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