Going Away Gift for Marine?

Updated on April 18, 2011
B.B. asks from New Haven, CT
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My hubby's cousin is a Marine and is being deployed to Afghanistan. We are going to a going away party for him. Any suggestions for gifts? Back in the day we would give phone cards, but I'm thinking that is a little outdated now!!

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answers from New York on

phone cards are still a thing to give since their cell phoned don't have service over there, socks, batteries, books, cameras. If he's young guy he probably has an ipod - so give him itunes cards, etc.

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answers from Kansas City on

My husband is currently deployed. A lot of people gave him i-tunes gift cards for his i-pod. Or maybe an Amazon.com gift card. He can use it to buy movies or books.

update: ask him about phone cards. My husband and I talk daily through Skype--which is free. He does not use phone cards.

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answers from Washington DC on

Phone cards are SOOOOOO NOT outdated!!!

our deployed soldiers need contact with their families - PHONE CARDS!!!! PHONE CARDS!!!!

Other things that my friends liked me to send them while they were in the sand box? Jolly Rangers, gum, dried fruit - NO CHOCOLATE as it melts REALLY fast - depending upon where they are stationed and what they are doing.

I make cookies and brownies - put a slice of white bread in the bag and send it off in the USPS APO boxes - usually gets there in 3 to 5 days.

If he isn't doing a patrol job - an ipod that is fully loaded with music he likes is a good idea. find out what he will be doing....that might help you out.

My GF who is there and due home in 2 weeks - wanted us to send books, crayons, pencils, etc. for the children in the local area where she was stationed.

Depending upon what they are doing and where they are - they might be able to get Skype as well. So make sure family members can get the video cameras for their computers.

Bottom line - PLEASE tell him THANK YOU!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! from us here in Reston, VA - we VERY MUCH appreciate his service and sacrifices - SEMPER FI!!!

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answers from St. Louis on

Phone cards are a good thing, but make sure to look on the back for a conversion rate. When I was in Europe a 200 min card here may have only been a 10 min yard. What about a mini photo book of the family? I loved getting new updated photos along with a box of cookies when I was gone.

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answers from St. Louis on

my BIL is a marine and he likes to get iTunes and amazon gift cards because he can download movies and music or just load up his account before he leaves. He didn't like to get a lot of 'stuff' before he left because he can't carry it all in his pack so I would suggest getting his address and the day he leaves, sending him a care package that will get there a week or so after he is gone.

My BIL liked it when we would send him DVDs that he could trade with other guys so used ones from amazon or something. That way he didn't feel bad if they didn't come home with him for the same reason he couldn't take a lot of stuff with him.

He also used Skype more often so didn't need phone cards, but that all depends on where he is stationed as what he has access too.



answers from Augusta on

phone cards are still good. They still have to call home.



answers from Houston on

Most soldier gift baskets include small items like gum, hard candy and packets of condiments like sugar, hot sauce, ketchup.



answers from Washington DC on

Tell him about SoldiersAngels.org. Its a non-profit group that send items and care packages to deployed troops.

Give him my thanks.



answers from Seattle on

Actually the phone cards are not outdated. They still use them. My hubby was over there last year and I sent them to him all the time.

A good gift is something he can use, and reuse. Like a cheap portable dvd player. Then he can watch his movies when he has time.

Other good things are, Hard drive sticks, you can get them pretty cheap but they are so very useful.

Best wishes to him, and hope he returns home safetly.



answers from Denver on

Individually packaged/wrapped wet wipes and bug deterrent. (look for those in camping stores).

Individually wrapped granola bars (without chocolate, due to melting) and similar energy snacks (all individually wrapped or packaged)

Small single serve pouches of Gatorade that you can just dump into a bottle of water (they sell them at places like GNC)

A small spare pair of good ear-bud type headphones



answers from Denver on

Phone cards are still good! I can't think of too much before he leaves, but get his address so you can send him care packages while he is gone!!! Those will be handy and you can send a lot (yay for flat rate boxes) of things he will need while he is there, but doesn't have room for in his sea bag!

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