God Dry Cleaner in McKinney

Updated on April 29, 2009
S.R. asks from McKinney, TX
3 answers

Can anyone reccomend a good dry cleaners in McKinney?

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I responded to a post similar to this last week. I live in Allen with Plano schools and I swear by Bibbentucker's Dry Cleaners in West Plano. They are fantastic.....no they are not cheap..

They have a delivery truck that comes to my home on Tuesdays and Fridays for pickup/dropoff.

We have never had any issues with them. My husband's suits and shirts are custom made so I am picky about who cleans them and who is responsible with our clothing. I get all of his shirts folded and in a box so I do pay a little extra for that...it makes packing for the plane a lot easier..

STILL.....VERY worth it if they come to you. I used to drive over there twice a week because I am still in that area a lot but they offered my zip code in delivery and I took it. It save me time as well. TIME = $$$$


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I don't know about a "god" dry cleaner, but I like to use Stonebridge Cleaners. ;) They have done an awesome job on the unusual stuff I bring in (a huge sofa cover, for one).

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Hi S.-

We have used We Care Cleaners next to Market Street for years. They are wonderful. My husband travels every week and so his shirts are folded not on hangers. The quality is wonderful. Great experience!

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