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Updated on November 27, 2012
G.G. asks from Aurora, IL
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I have two questions that are somewhat related. I wear contacts almost all day long and then at night i put my glasses on. I am looking to purcahse a cheap pair of glasses. I have never purchased online but I might do so. I only wear them late evening in bed and first thing in the morning.

I am also wondering what brands/styles of contacts you wear? My Dr has switched me around and I am not sure I am extremely happy. I want something that doesn't get a lot of build up or take a lot of maintenance.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I love acuvue II contacts. My husband and girls love Acuvue Oasis. I tried the Oasis and didn't like them. I needed to change the lenses after only 1 week because they felt dirty to me so I went back to the Acuvue II. They are much cheaper too.

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answers from St. Louis on

I got my glasses at Costco but my friends have said those online places are fine. They won't hold up to daily use but they are so cheap I suppose it doesn't matter.

I have bi focal contacts so I don't think I can help you there but my daughter loves her Accuveiw Oasis.

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answers from Seattle on

I have very flexible eyes. I can wear just about any brand of contacts (Biomedics is one of my favorites, I'm currently wearing acuvue because they're cheap and go on sale a lot)... as long as there's no latex in them!!! (Some of the "wet" ones have latex components, and I'm rather allergic.). But, seriously, any brand. My opthomologist compares contacts to jeans. Meaning most are okay, but there's usually a "perfect fit" out there.

I wear my contacts 24/7 until I toss them. I just clean them a few times a day IN my eye (drip in the multipurpose solution). I have high protein content in my tears, so the multipurpose keeps them crystal clear.

15 years ago I started out with semirigid gas permeable (aka hard plastic chips), so that may be why my eyes deal with any kind of soft lens so well. LOL as in ANYTHING is comfier. I started out with hard lenses because of that high protein content. My opthomologist was totally surprised when I came back from a deployment wearing soft lenses (my hard ones had died a terrible death, so I borrowed some soft ones from a friend. I. am. that. blind. Without lenses, I'm screwed.). And ever since then, I've worn soft.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Try inexpensive glasses.. bought some, they worked out well..

good luck

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answers from St. Louis on

Love Love Love my Air Optix Night & Day. I wear my contacts 24/7 for 30 days. I've been wearing this brand for 9 years and have never had a problem and get regular exams. My vision is bad enough that I cannot focus on anything more than 8 inches away without corrective lenses. I like the fact that if I have to get up during the night with one of my kids, I don't have to fumble for glasses and my contacts don't stick to my eyes. My frames are about 15 years old and I can't remember the last time I wore them. For style purposes I should probably find a cheap pair...


answers from Kansas City on

i was very impressed with how "cheap" walmart glasses were lol. they have $9 frames. and i was also told (although i didn't go there) that America's best are good too. good luck!



answers from Orlando on

I wear acuvue oasis contacts and have never had a problem. I change them every 2 weeks. Every night I take them off and put them in cleaner and wear glasses at night before bed. As far as glasses go, my prescription has not changed in YEARS so .... I've had the same glasses for probably 5 years.

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