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Updated on February 04, 2011
A.B. asks from Bolingbrook, IL
4 answers

Before I became pregnant with our first child, we found a glass mobile at Ikea that we loved and bought. It was moon and stars and the sunlight reflects off of it so beautifully! We were not hanging it over the crib because it was glass but we hung it in front of our son's window ... he loves it so much! It was so a great purchase! We are now pregnant with our second child and would love to have another glass mobile for he or she. Unfortunately, Ikea doesn't have that mobile anymore and I can't seem to find one anywhere. So I am looking for any ideas of where to find a glass mobile that will reflect the sunlight like the one we have already. It does not have to be moon and stars either ... any designs are worth looking at. We do not know if we are having a girl or boy so we probably won't get one until after baby is born so any ideas are really appreciated! Thanks in advance :)

ADDED: I just went and looked at the mobile that we have and it is actually hard plastic. I have looked at the places that were suggested and found nothing yet. I'm looking for more designs other than just circles and squares but can't seem to find them anywhere. Any ideas on where to find those would be a great help.

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answers from Honolulu on

Amazon and E-bay has a couple.


answers from Las Vegas on

Maybe you can look on someone possibly makes them there. It's probably not in production because there might be some parents that aren't smart like you and hung glass over the baby's crib... it's amazing how many people lack common sense... so that's probably why you can't find it.



answers from Cleveland on i looked at the site it is all handmade and it is semi expensive but i will see if i can find any other sites i just googled glass mobiles



answers from Chicago on

Sorry I can't help. I have to laugh at this because my mother had hung a glass farm one over our cribs!

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