Giving up NAPS - Murfreesboro,TN

Updated on April 07, 2008
M.T. asks from Kihei, HI
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Just wondered if any of you all knew about how old babies are before they don't take naps any longer.
I have a 20 months old this week and the past 3 days, I have put her down for a nap and she just plays. I leave her in there for about 1 to 1 and 1/2 hour and I figured that is time enough, then go get her. She doesn't seem that grouchy for not sleeping.
So.... just wondered how old they are before naps are no longer.

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answers from Charlotte on

from my experience - they do naps in pre-school. a 30 min rest period on k-5. So - at least by 4-5 years old.

it could be that she's ready for a schedule change, make naptime consistantly the same time each day and if it already is, then maybe push it up 30 min to see if that helps :)



answers from Chattanooga on

my dd quit napping at 20 mths. i changed her crib to a daybed and that's when naps stopped for us for good. before that she just played in her crib. there are days where she needs it, she's 24 mths now but on those days i just put her to bed 30 min early and we're good.



answers from Greensboro on

That's about the age my oldest stopped taking naps. Then we implemented "quiet time" as part of our daily routine. It took a few weeks to really get his full co-operation, but for an hour everyday, we have quiet time and he lays in bed in a dark room (hallway light is on, usually) with a story on CD or music playing. He's allowed to have books in bed with him, as long as he is relaxing a not talking. This is the only way he doesn't start getting into trouble at night, b/c it refreshes him and helps him "keep it together" until bedtime. Some days, he's so tuckered out from morning fun, he'll actually fall asleep, too. I time it with my 16-month old's naptime and it really helps me get things done in the house.



answers from Huntington on

Every child is different. Some sleep longer at night, some need more daytime sleep. I have three children and all three had different nap habits. The oldest wanted to give up napping at about 2, but as he had a 6 month old sister, I pushed for him to nap until he was three. My middle one napped until she was three because she liked it. The youngest napped until about 18 months, and after that if she seemed tired and fussy the only way I could get her to sleep was to put her in the car and drive around until she was out. My niece napped after school through first grade. If she's happy and not tired, I hate to tell you, but she's probably done with naps. If you need her to nap, you could try to put her to bed later or get her up earlier.



answers from Lexington on

my daughter just stopped napping this last month, and that was because she will be in all day kindergarten next year and will not get to take a nap. she was very dependent on her naps until well into her fourth year. i think that all children are different, and if she is getting lots of sleep at night, and not grumpy without a nap, she may be fine.

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