Giving Away Jar Baby Food

Updated on October 24, 2009
S.E. asks from Houston, TX
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For November and December, WIC will be giving my family 32 jars (each month) of baby food for my son (10.5 months old) who LOATHES jar baby food. We don't have a need for the food, but I'm sure someone could use it. Any idea what organization, if any, will accept baby food?

**NOTE: I'm not a person receiving gov't assistance and giving it away (or even worse...selling it!). My sons are adopted and qualify for Medicaid, thus they qualify for WIC. We will be getting the jar food only until his first birthday, which is in two months.

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So What Happened?

@Amanda - Nah, no need to go off on any tangents, at least not in this situation. When our WIC was recertified this past weekend and the baby food was added, I didn't express my lack of need or want for it to them. IMO, that would have been the ungrateful thing to do (when I'm truly grateful for the services my boys receive). Instead, I simply left their office, knowing that I would ensure that the food somehow got to a sweet baby who needed it. I also think it's probably just easier for me to deal with it than to have put WIC through "THIS" family not wanting "THAT."

@Johnnie - You're funny. Yes, I am a teacher, but no, I do not know of anyone who could use the food. Had I known of someone, surely I wouldn't have wasted you ladies' precious time asking the question.

@All - Thanks so much for your nice comments and sweet suggestions; you've been a great help!

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I would think food banks, the local churches, and/or a women's shelter would be the PERFECT place for this. OR you could list it on Freecycle and have someone that needs it come pick it up. Good for you for giving it to someone that needs it!

Ah, after responding, I just read your update.

With my first two kids (both born in a hospital) I received all the free formula that the formula companies send, plus all the "checks"/coupons. I guess I could have written or called them to tell them no thank you, since I exclusively breastfeed. I didn't. I donated every last bit of it, and gave the coupons to friends. Soon after DS1 was born, we had food drives at my school (I was a teacher before I decided to stay home) for Hurrican Katrina and Rita and that's where the majority of my free formula went. Not the same as WIC, I know, but still....

I think it's wonderful that you are donating it.

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If you are a teacher surely you know (or can find one) a needy family at school who would love to receive the food, otherwise, take it to the food bank. Most churches have ways to distribute the food.

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Pregnancy Help Center
1454 E. Summitry circle
Katy, Tx. 77449
I think it's very sweet of you to offer the food. God Bless you and your kids! I bet they are sweetie pies!
Have a wonderful day,

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LifeHouston,, is a long-established Houston agency that gives formula, baby food, and diapers to parents who need those items desperately. They have a main location and a few branch offices. Call them and arrange for the baby food gift to be received, than given to a needy family. Blessings.

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Casa de Esperanza de los Ninos can always use baby food and other infant products. Casa de Esperanza is a private non-profit agency that has provided foster care for abused and neglected infants and young children for 27 years in Houston. Please call ###-###-#### for directions for delivering the food. The location is in the Medical Center area. Thank you very much!

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I'll resist going off on a tangent about agencies providing food that is not needed or wanted...

Houston Food Bank (if you're in Houston) accepts baby I suspect most food banks do. HFB is the expediter of donations to charitable organizations that support the community--they'll make sure that baby food goes to an organization that helps feed babies in need.

Ok I lied about the tangent...
It's the job of WIC to get you what you want and need to care for your children. While I admire you and the fact that you have have adopted children (and you want this un-needed food to go to a good cause), if you don't need it, then it should stay within their system.

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