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Updated on February 27, 2012
D.S. asks from Prairie Village, KS
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Two questions in one night - I'm on fire! :)

It seems we have given up the quest for baby #2 (well, it was really just my quest as DH never got on board and it's not right to push that, so...) and I'm starting to get rid of all our baby gear. Most things we have no trouble finding homes for but we do still have my son's infant car seat. I'd like to donate it at Saver's but I can't seem to figure out when it "expires." It was manufactured 7/18/07, so it will be 5 years old this summer. It has never been in an accident.

The google results I've read are 5 years, 6 years and 10 years before you can't use it anymore. Anyone know which is correct? DH wants to put it out with the trash tomorrow if we aren't supposed to give it away.

I would love to give someone else the chance to use it but would hate to put their child in danger. I fell silly for keeping it this long but only recently came to terms with our One and Done choice. (Ok, seriously, how cool would it be if #2 surprised us before my 40th birthday next year? But in reality, DH is paranoid about even touching me since I got pregnant on the pill last summer - and miscarried - and is joining the snip-snip club sometime this year.)

Hmmm, guess I should check the manufacturer's site, too.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the advice/suggestions! I contacted Graco and the expiration date is 12/31/2013, so a good useful life left! After that, I contacted our local children's hospital and they suggested I donate it to a place called Operation Breakthrough. So I now have a place to take it Wednesday morning!

(from the org's site: The mission of Operation Breakthrough is to help children who are living in poverty develop to their fullest potential by providing them a safe, loving and educational environment. Operation Breakthrough also strives to support and empower the children's families through advocacy, referral services and emergency aid.)

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Don't donate it, they will put it in the trash eventually. Find a friend to give it to. They will use it.

Sorry you are having to give up. It is so much easier having more than one child.

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A year or so ago I got rid of two car seats, using freecycle. I went to the manufacturer's website and found where I could locate the discard by date on the seat itself (it was rather tricky to find). Then I disclosed the date for each seat on the freecycle posting. Someone claimed the seats within a day or two - can't say enough good things about that site.

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answers from Nashville on

Babies R us is doing a "buyback" right now. Bring in your old car seat and get 25% of certain other baby products.

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answers from Kansas City on

The Missouri Division of Family Services in Jackson Co. will take it. They are always looking for car seats for when they have to pick up children and bring them into foster care. Also try Craigslist...just be honest about the date it was purchased. It's the buyer's choice if they want it or not.

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I would ask the manufacturer if you don't see an expiration date on it.

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Call Saver's and ask if they will take an-almost-5-year-old carseat. I'll bet the answer is yes.

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MIne was five years old when we were ready to get rid of it too. Technically, ours had expired. Like you, I wanted to donate it and no one would take it. So I cut the straps and brought it to a pregnancy center. At the time (I'm not sure if they still do it), Babies R Us would take your old stuff and give you 20% off the new stuff. So the pregnancy center was able to use is as a coupon.

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You should be able to find that info on the manufacturer's website. I know it's a bit of work just to get rid of a car seat, but you also might want to see if the local women's shelter needs car seats.

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answers from Victoria on

see if its recyclable. we leave things on our curb all the time and they always get picked up before the trash comes. even on non trash days. we are constantly purging our things. if you fear its no longer safe i would take it to a recycle place and see if they can use it like that. if not somtimes little girls like to have one to put there dolls in the car with. I ended up giving a 7 yr old girl an old infant seat and she still uses it in the car for her dolls or there small dog!!! super cute she is about nine now and still loves it!

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answers from Savannah on

I would contact the manufacturer and ask. They can give you the most accurate information.

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Our police department told a child's resale shop owner the limit is 5 years, so because of that and the number of recalls she no longer resells them.

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