Girls Dress up Box with Clothes

Updated on November 13, 2012
L.K. asks from Lafayette, CA
10 answers

Hi, I'd like to buy my daughter a dress up box that comes with the dress up clothes in it. Has anyone found a nice one? If so, who makes it? Where did you buy it and what does it come with?


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answers from Omaha on

My MIL did this one year for my neices. She put it together herself by getting a trunk at Hobby Lobby or Michael's. Then she bought up a lot of costumes after Halloween when they were really marked down. The kids loved it!
We found a ready made Dora the Explorer trunk at Walmart last year as a gift for my kids' friend. It was about $15 but I haven't seen it since.
Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

My daughter received one a few years ago that held up well. I believe it came from Costco. Check out their website, it looks like they have a couple different types.

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answers from Redding on

My grandmother had one for us when we were little girls.
It was an antique trunk (which I now have).
She filled it with frilly and crazy clothing herself.
There were 3 of us granddaughters and we had a blast playing dress-up at Grandma's house.
Makes me want to call my cousin right now and laugh about it.

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answers from Sacramento on

Costco has one right now. We got one for our daughter a few years ago from there. The cardboard box hasn't held up (top came off because my daughter was standing on it to get her clothes off the closet rod) but it came with little shoes, dresses and crowns and jewelry. The dresses have needed to be stitched a few times but I find that even with the Disney brand dresses (My two girls wear princess dresses almost daily!). It was super cheap and worth every penny.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Oh, what a great idea! You could get a trunk from a thrift store and decorate it, or you could probably get an inexpensive trunk from a discount store. Trunk lids can slam down, so you might want to fix it so it's not able to do that; or, perhaps, you could decorate a small toy box instead.

You can go through your own clothing - particularly anything fancy and out of date - or head for the thrift store. The more dressy and blingy the item is, the more girls like to play with it. Don't forget shoes and even hats!



answers from Salinas on

We used an old trunk and collected costumes, dresses & accessories. Now that the girls are older, we still have everything in the garage and use it for Halloween or other dress up events.

You can get all kinds of fun stuff at thrift stores, after Halloween sales costume jewelry, hats and clothing you don't use anymore.

Whenever there is a need to dress up for a play, school or event there is usually something out of that box we can use.Our dress up box has been a source of fun and practicality for years.



answers from Los Angeles on

If you make your own, add some hats (new not used), scarves, dress up shoes (even the kiddy ones), costume jewelry, handbags, kiddie crowns etc.



answers from Portland on

I typed before I thought. My answer did not answer your question so I deleted it.



answers from San Francisco on

The best is choosing a piece of furniture your child can grow with instead of something "packaged" to be this kind of thing. Then, let your child choose the clothes! And don't choose things in only her size. Ask a friend for hand-me-downs, pick out some sweet dresses new, throw in an oldy but goody from your closet that you no longer wear and be sure to include scarves and hats. You'll be amazed by the creativity. Then, keep your camera close by and ready!

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