Girlfriends Throwing a Baby Shower

Updated on October 04, 2009
M.M. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi, I am trying to find unique ideas for our friends shower. The party is being planned by the mom to be's friends and only friends will attend. I was trying to find an idea for something we can all write & put together for the baby. Does anyone have any good ideas? Any other tips are much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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a cute idea would be to have everyone bring one children's book to start the baby on her book collection. everyone could write a nice little note on the inside under the "this book belongs to..." another cute idea would be to buy plain white onesies and some fabric markers and have each guest design a cute, creative onesie for the baby. or everyone can write a short little paragraph on a sheet of pretty stationary about the mom-to-be. they can write nice things about the mom-to-be like how great/fun she is, what kind of person she is, and how and in what ways they think she will make a great mother. it doesnt have to be a novel or anything. and then you can put them into a little book to give to the baby and she can read how great his or her mom is when they are older. there are also all kinds of cute/fun games to play at the shower too.

good luck! :)

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when is the shower.
I got great party favors soaps and i will personalize a message.
Call me 1-###-###-#### J.



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The making of a "parenting tips" book is always a good thing. Have each guest write down their best tips on parenting. My tip is always "have a good baby swing" my moms is always to have stacks of receiving blankets in every room in the house when the baby is little. but whatever the tips are have them all put into a photo album so you can find them. the idea of bringing diapers or wipes is a good one but with the cost of diapers and wipes these days many people consider that to be their gift. so not sure how that goes over. I was at a shower recently and an older guest was outraged at being asked to bring along a package of diapers in addition to her gift. just passing that last part on



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Celina has a great idea in the book from everyone! My daughter who is 3 had a great start because of that and now LOVES to read!

One raffle/game (?) I would like to suggest and I wished it was at my shower is where everyone brings diapers and/or wipes and gets entered into a raffle- one entry per bag of diapers. It is a great way to start any new parent off and they will always need diapers!!!

You can make a scrap book/journal of everyones memories of the mother and how she told each person she was pregos and describe the emotions, fears, cravings, midnight calls etc... anything the mother shared during this time or while trying to concieve.

Good luck in planning this and many blessings to you and the new Mommy!

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