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Updated on June 04, 2010
L.K. asks from Allen, TX
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My sister and I are hoping to get some quiet relaxing time away from everything this summer and we were thinking of Myrtle Beach. Anybody been or have any other suggestions?

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for all your responses. We booked our vacation yesterday and we decided to go a different route. We booked a non-gambling trip to Vegas staying at a hotel with a beach like atmosphere. Thanks again!

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answers from Dallas on

Myrtle Beach is very commercialized and rowdy at times. Hilton Head and Edisto (both SC) are much more relaxing. Hilton Head (and nearby Bluffton) have more shopping than Edisto. Charleston, SC is also a fun historic city on the coast. Have a great trip wherever you decide!



answers from Tyler on

Skip Mrytle Beach and go to Gulfshores, AL or Orange Beach or anywhere in FL. The beaches along the Gulf are MUCH prettier than Mrytle Beach.

If you are set on the east coast, then go to the Outer Banks - which are gorgeous as well. Mrytle Beach is the worst beach I have ever been to and not much to do around there.



answers from Dallas on

I went to Myrtle Beach last summer... I was not very impressed. We had to fly into Charlotte and drive to Myrtle Beach... I would not find Myrtle Beach to be a fun getaway for girls.. it was okay for our family event but I won't visit it again...


answers from Dallas on

I used to live in SC and no offense to Myrtle Beach lovers but it is not a place we preferred to go. We lived within a 4 hr driving distance and we still opted to fly to Florida. Now, Hilton Head and the Outer Banks can be nice.

Personally, my FAVORITE is South Beach in Miami. You do have to be more open minded, you see anything and everything, great food, great beaches, great people watching, great shopping. It is NOT where you want to go if you want peace and quiet OR if you have little to no open mindedness. The nicer hotels on the beach have great spas. There are some great restaurants and you often see celebs around because South Beach is a HOT spot.

We also go to San Destin yearly which is more of a family place. We love the Hilton Golf Resort and Spa. The Spa is FANTASTIC. You are within 10 minutes of the outlets and the wharf area is nice. It is just on the outskirt of Destin heading toward Panama City. VERY easy to get to, gated resort.

Also check out the Travel Channel. There is a program on fairly often about the top 10 beaches. South Beach and Destin area are on the list.

Have fun!!



answers from Dallas on

Mexico has some of the best travel deals. I go on a ladies' trip every year (for past 15 years), and whenever we check into going to any other beach or American destination, we always decide to stick with Mexico, because the price is so good for all-inclusive resort package deals. Some are adults only, which is better for this kind of trip. We're taking a break from our own kids, so we don't want to deal with anyone else's! ;)

Check out or We've been going through a travel agent named Crystal at [email protected] for many years. I book my family's trips through her sometimes, too. I've never even seen her--we do all through phone and e-mail. If you contact her, tell her someone from the "Blue Water Babes" sent you!

Have fun wherever you go! This is important for you and your sister, so that you can recharge and be better for your families when you return.




answers from Dallas on

I have never been to myrtle beach but I would suggest the Salish Lodge in Seattle. I know most people dont think of Seattle to get away but that is exactly why I would go, this place is georgous and perfect for R&R. Also St George Utah has some great spas that are affordable Red Mountain Spa is one that comes to mind. good luck.



answers from Laredo on

Hello Ladies,
If you ever in this predicament again....please consider my service MexicaChica Getaways. I offer top level tours exclusively to women. We are based out of the Yucatan region of Mexico. There are direct flights from Continental all the time plus it is safe and gorgeous here!

In addition to my pre set Art, Culinary and Spanish immersion tours, I offer custom getaways for groups of 6 or more. I am sure to create a vacation tailored to your groups interests.

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We can build a Food and Wine getaway or a Spa and Wellness retreat out of an eco hotel on the beaches of Tulum or a private hacienda in the jungle. The possibilities are endless!

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