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Updated on February 28, 2010
M.N. asks from Geneva, IL
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I finally have some time to ask all the questions I have been wanting to the past couple weeks! My daughter is off at grandma and grandpas with Dad!! Yeah for me! Well, we used our favorite name for our daughter and just in case we have another girl in five weeks we need serious HELP!

Since our last name ends in N, my husband doesn't want a first name to end in N. So that rules out 75% of the names I like and the others he's not that interested in and I feel the same about his! The only two we seem to like together are Chloe or Zoe. Even with that said we both aren't 100% on either. So I need help! Any ideas?

I wish I could respond to everyone below individually or maybe in conversation but this is the only way I have figured out how to!! I love Quinn but it ends in N, of course right? I loved paige and stella, husband does not I also loved ali but he feels like it's too short even though our daughters is emma. I also like sawyer:) Please send more and more so I can float past him:) Much easier this way than going through the book of 10,001 names! All of them end up sounding the same!!!

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answers from Denver on

I love sawyer that would have been my next child's name but we are content with the 2 we have. My daughter is Gwenyth (but we call her Gwen so I guess that is the no ending in N)


answers from Charlotte on

My daughter's name is Charlotte Lee and we call her Charlee. Other ideas:

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answers from Boston on

It's hard to give specific advice, but these couple of rules really helped my husband and I narrow down our choices. They're a little silly, but they worked.
1. Can you imagine someone with that name being named to the Supreme Court? (So Bitsy would be out for us, for example).
2. Would it be something that would sound nice but not particularly memorable being called aloud for major life events (graduation, wedding, etc)? (So that ruled out anything really unique or long)
3. Would she have to spend her life constantly repeating her name and telling people how to spell it, which would get annoying.
Ultimately we went with Lea, which I think meets the first two criteria really well, but she probably still will always be telling people "Lea - no 'h.'" Still, I thought it was prettier that way.
Good luck! Naming is so hard!

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answers from Jacksonville on

piper, berklee, harper, eva, kinzey, kylei, caitlyn, and i love chloe!



answers from Orlando on

Samantha, Tyler, Jayde, Heather, Lalya, Tailor,



answers from Honolulu on

Carolee and Danika are fun names. Carolee means song of joy. Danika means Morning star. Chloe means Blooming/ young grass. Zoe means life.
Names that end in a vowel would work well. :) I like the name Aliyah as well, it means gift from God.



answers from Des Moines on

I like Zoe, but, strangely enough, it's getting popular! My niece's name is Zoey and after she was born, we heard that name every where! But, I love the unique names...Kenzie, Sawyer, Stella, Everleigh, poor husband...I have many more unique names that he just doesn't get!!

Good luck!!



answers from Columbia on

Ella marie is what I will name my daughter



answers from Columbus on

Zara, Ayla, Olivia, Gracee, Dalaney, Elaine, Lily, Leandra, Aundria



answers from Missoula on

Adelaide, Maelle, Ayla, Aria, Tessa, Teresa, Violet, Celia, Stella, Cally, Caleigh, Cassidy.
These are some of my favorites, hope it helps!


answers from Spokane on

Ainsley or Kendall or Kendra or Paige...always loved Quinn (daughters middle name) and Kennedy. These were some of my favorites when picking out our girl name.

Chloe and Zoe are very cute! I love them both...and they were both on my short list! Don't worry about popularity...whatever name you choose for your child you are gonna hear it as soon as your kid is never fails...just seems, that's the way it goes!

~Glad you have chosen that spelling for Zoe. I just DO NOT get the other spelling Zooey...doesn't that look like Zoo-E?



answers from Chicago on

Miley, Sierra, Piper, Kiri, Kyrie, Acadia



answers from Chicago on

If I had had a girl the last time around, we were seriously considering:

Avery, Riley, Kelly, Susie, and Erin (but that ends in 'N' so nm).



answers from Chicago on

My daughter is Glenna Marie. Not too many other people with that name.



answers from Chicago on

Hannah, Lily, Rose, Sophia, Claire. those all sound nice with Emma. Good luck!



answers from New York on

Chloe is nice but getting very popular. I really don't like Zoe at all. What about names of flowers? I like Lily, Violet, Magnolia, Laurel, or Iris?



answers from Kansas City on

We had the same problem and couldn't have ours end in "n" either, so we ended up choosing Addelaide. I love the nickname Addy, but with so many Addison's now, and it ending in "n", I thought this was different and still pretty.



answers from Orlando on

Emery, McKenna, Carlee



answers from Chicago on

how about taylor or kendall both can be either boy or girl name.



answers from Miami on

Stacey, Riley, Isabella, Michelle, Selensia, Annabelle, Caroline, Jamie, Tyler, McKenzie and Natalie



answers from Denver on

Alysse, Lily, Hope, Talia



answers from Chicago on

Our daughter's name is Ariana. It's feminine, soft, a bit different and everyone loves the name when they hear it. It would be an honor to us if you picked it.



answers from Wichita on

I love ELLA!!!!! That was my girl name but was blessed with 4 boys!

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