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Updated on March 21, 2011
A.W. asks from Saint Charles, IL
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I am trying to find out how to find a Daisy Troop in my area. When my daughter started kindergarten last August there was a girl scout rep at back to school night and we signed up to receive information and nothing since then. I called the girl scout council in our area and was given an email address for the troop leader. I've emailed her 3 times. Nothing. The school said it was not a school event so they have no information. I was in girl scouts when I was growing up and loved it. I'd love for my little girl to have the experience as well. Any ideas ladies?

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answers from Chicago on

Wish I could help, but I am in the same situation myself. We are in Chicago and I e-mailed twice and called twice and have not gotten any response back. My daughter's school also does not have a troop. If you get any information I would love to know. Best of luck!

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answers from Kansas City on

We have a girl in our group who is not in our Service Unit (boundaries), she is from a completely different school district (suburb). But because no one contacted them for a troop she joined our group. Are there any girls in her class that are involved in a troop. You might email their mom to talk to the troop leader they are with. Call the council back and let them know you are not being responded to. And that you'd like to talk to the Service Unit Manager...they'll get you going.

OR you could always start your own troop...get some of the girls from your daughters class to join.

Wish I had something more for you.

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answers from Washington DC on

I would call or email the girl scout council again. We started one this year, but it was a very slow process and we didn't actually get started until February. the local council sent a rep to our school one evening and she was the contact to get it started. You could also find another troop close by and ask their leader how she got started.

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answers from Washington DC on

Daisy's are fun and can be as easy or as intimidating as you make it.
I was never a Girl Scout. THere were no mamas willing to step up so I did. We had a lot of fun.
So you can start a troop and then make it the best troop ever.
I went through juniors then quit.
Contact the service unit and tell them you are starting a troop and just jump in with two feet.
Have fun and good luck.

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answers from Chicago on

Good Luck is all I can say. I tried to join 5 yrs ago with my daughter and after numerous calls and futile emails, I finally got one person to email me back, a very hateful response of "if you care so much, why don't you start your own troop?" I had never been a Girl Scout, so this left a very bitter taste in my mouth. Maybe you'll have better luck than I did though...

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answers from Chicago on

You probably already have this info but just in case here it is; Elgin ###-###-#### or Sugar Grove ###-###-####. We just went to kindergarten registration at the Kaneland High School & Girl Scout reps were there handing out applications. Maybe you can find out when your registration is and go there again.

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answers from Chicago on

Wow. I am really surprised to read some of these response! "Well, start your own troop?" Wow. It's funny that you should write this question. we are having the SAME issue (New Lenox). They were at the Kindergarten open house. Filled out information. Wrote them and have emailed twice... and nothing?! It's very, very frustrating and does put a bad taste in your mouth for sure! Good luck.

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answers from Springfield on

You've gotten great advise. I just wanted to add that if it doesn't work out this year, she can still be a Brownie next year. Lots of girls join after that first year.

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