Gifts for School Bus Drivers

Updated on December 02, 2010
R.D. asks from Port Jefferson, NY
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My son just started Kindergarten and I was wondering if it is appropriate to give the school bus drivers gifts?

Is this allowed even?


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answers from Topeka on

Glad I picked up another hot/cold coffe cup i'll send this but oops I forgot i'll need another he has a morning/after school driver.This will come in handy with a screw on lid they won't need to worry about it splashing out all over.
Yes it is appropriate it's all about giving

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answers from Houston on

nothing wrong with a little card, or small giftcard!

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answers from Naples on

I think that it is a lovely idea for someone whom most people overlook! I agree - a small gift of some kind, or gift card even - to a coffee house, movies, Walmart - (can be used for gas or groceries), an ornament in a pretty gift bag with a card by your son would be really sweet! Good job for thinking about him/her!

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answers from San Antonio on

It is appropriate! I have given Gloves and scarves (wow- especially in NY this would be good!) and travel coffee mugs. Or gift cards.
Any of those is great!

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answers from Philadelphia on

They have such a huge responsibility I can't believe parents over look them at Christmas. I give $10 (cash) at Christmas and the end of the year.

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answers from Dover on

Something small should be fine. Maybe a hot chocolate "ice cream" is homemade but you can find how to make it online. It is cute.

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answers from Topeka on

My husband was a school bus driver for about 10 years after he retired and he always received gifts from his boys and girls...sometimes it was home made cards to a store or movie passes. He especially enjoyed anything that the girls and boys had made themselves...he loved his kids and they loved him!!
I really like the idea of a travel mug...or a warm pair of gloves...something he could have used while he was there on the bus!!!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Absolutely it is acceptable. We always try to remember the bus driver. They are so often overlooked and their job is so important. I usually send our bus driver a cute candle holder, a fancy ink pen with her initials on it, other have give her a plant. I like the idea of a nice pair of gloves.



answers from Erie on

I love our driver, She is so sweet but firm with the kids and after cleaning up my son's puke, and driving him safely in the ice and snow, i owe her more than words can describe. I do remember her at christmas, just something little but heartfelt.


answers from Detroit on

Last year my dds and I hand painted ceramic ornaments- the kind that goes in a kiln. We gave them to teachers, bus drivers and therapists. They turned out cute and were adorable. I also made pocket tissue jackets. This year, I plan on using the $3 frames at Walmart and finish them with handmade paper.



answers from New York on

Yes, definitely! I always give cash in a "holiday" card on the last day of school before break.

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