Gifts for Eagle Scouts?

Updated on December 05, 2010
L.T. asks from Bethel Park, PA
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Our friends have 2 sons (ages 16 and 14) that recently became Eagle Scouts, which I understand is a great accomplishment in the world of scouting. There is a presentation ceremony and reception this weekend that we are invited to attend. Is this a gift-giving occassion? If so, what type of gift would be appropriate? Thank you!

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answers from Harrisburg on

You shouldn't feel obligated to give a gift...however, your local scout store should have many eagle related things to chose from if they desire. And shame on "inmy30'salready". There is much that goes into being an Eagle Scout. It is certainly something to be proud of. There is years worth of work on merit badges and rank advancement to get to this point. The statistics I've read say only about 1% of boys who start in scouts make it so it is something to celebrate! All troops are different, but I serve on my son's troop's committee and I know our troop would never let the parents do the work on the eagle project as she described. The eagle is EARNED by the boys in my son's troop through countless hours of effort!



answers from Dallas on

You are so great for considering a gift! It is a really big accomplishment. Sorry I can't remember what my brother got when he received his, but we had a big ceremony and reception. The scout store is a great suggestion. At the very least, do get him a card. The requirements are tough to earn the Eagle rank and it is even harder because being a Boy Scout is not typically something "cool". To fight that social stigma in high school is rough. Congrats to them!!



answers from Huntington on

Eagle scout is indeed something to be proud of! Most of out presidents were Eagle scouts! Most Eagle Scouters are heading to college, so something they can use toward college would be appreciated. Most are also into the outdoors, and would appreciate something to use for wilderness camping, but by now, in their scouting journey probably have most of the basic stuff. They may be needing something in particular, you could ask their mom or dad. I don't know how much money you intend to spend, but anything from a tent to one of those LED headlamps would probably be welcomed.
When my son got his Eagle, he got hand-written notes of congratulations from Ford, Carter & both Bushes, neatly framed & matted by his troop, and an autographed picture of Pope JP II, (which we hung in our living room) and lots of other framed notes of congratulations (about 30!), which he had no place to hang, so I took them out of their frames & made them into a scrapbook for him.
You could appoint yourself photographer for the ceremony & make a photo book of it, that would be treasured more by his mom than him, probably, though. There are few prouder moments than when a son pins his mom with the special moms eagle pin. I wish I had a picture of that moment!


answers from Houston on

My husband is an eagle scout! How thoughtful for you to give them a gift. You could do some practical, like a neat pocket knife or something, or a neat keychain since they are going into driving age. My husband received a pretty mirrored Eagle statue that he treasured, until I accidentally broke it a few years ago.

And my husband is an LDS/Mormon Eagle scout, but his project was huge, totally conducted by him and it was so amazing, even the local news came out and interview him, and his project helped a lot of people... and he hand recruited and fed almost 100 volunteers to help build a nature trail and erosion prevention along several badly beaten trails in a major mountain area. He spent months planning and did it all by himself, did the hard work himself and teamed up with local forest rangers as well. So, no "Inmy30'sAlready", not all LDS/Mormon scouts get lazy on their projects, I know several LDS Scouts who did equally amazing projects on their own... (though I've seen the donation box in the foyer too and just roll my eyes as I know they can and should do better... my boys won't be allowed to do that!)


answers from Dover on

Some give gifts and others don't. My son received a few Eagle can buy from your local scout store. I also found a neat Eagle and American Flag light-up sculpture (not from the Scout Store) that my son really liked but we ordered it.

Definately a congratulations card is in order.



answers from Houston on

Hi there---You're right this is a great accomplishment. I'm sure their parents are proud, as I am sure I will be when that time comes. There is a boy scout store that I am sure would have some great suggestions for a small gift for the boys. They have lots of trinkets and items that have Eagle Scouts written on them. Hope this helps.


answers from Seattle on

It's the thought that counts! How about some kind of Eagle Scout Key Chain or something?

Yes, it is (supposed) to be a great accomplishment, congrats to your friends' boys!

But it is not as "special" as it once was, thanks to a lot of LDS (Mormon) families and the parents desire to "HAVE" Eagle Scouts!...I have 2 Eagle Scout Step Sons and am TOTALLY turned off by the LDS (Mormon) version/way/idea of how this portion of scouting is conducted these days! After watching my SS's Mom and Step Dad pick their projects for them, call and set up for supply donations, pick up said donations for the kids, then "help" with the actual project and hounding them like no other on what they have to be doing really took all the "personal" accomplishment out of it for my even though my kids have their Eagle, they didn't earn it and thus it has ruined the "Awe" of it for them and us!


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