Gifts for 5 Yo and 9 Yo Boys

Updated on December 14, 2010
K.U. asks from Detroit, MI
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Just looking for ideas here, that are NOT video games! These are my SIL's sons, who live several states away, so I don't get to see them much, but from what I've heard, they are little TV and video game addicts. I sent them money for their birthdays last summer and their grandmother (my MIL) told me they spent the money on more video games. So I don't want to just send them money again, or gift cards where they can get yet another game, but I still want to give them something they will enjoy and appreciate. I have sent an e-mail to both their mom and my other SIL, just asking what they think they would like, but did not say anything about not getting video games.

I tend to be "that person" who gives books and chess sets, which I have the feeling won't go over very well! ;)

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So What Happened?

I have not heard back from their mom or their other aunt yet, but they live in New Hampshire and they are not far from Cannon Mountain ski area - I am thinking about getting them gift certificates so they can go skiing or snowboarding. Another consideration is a fort-building set that they can set up inside.

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I haven't read the other responses - sorry if this is a duplicate....
How about gifting them some type of lessons (ski, swim, skating, sports) or gift certificates to a local Museum, pottery painting place, or a place like Pump It Up?

Or you could open up a Mututal Fund or some type of College Savings account that you could deposit directly into in the years to come, that way their cash can't be spent on video games.

I heard recently someone say, "Give them something to DO not something to have". I intend to pass this piece of information along to my friends and family who are always asking what they can get my boys at Christmas and their birthdays.

Merry Christmas!

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legos, my oldest got some type of you build that came with a screw driver and wrench for his bday yesterday, model kits, passes to some type of museum,

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Maybe a family membership to the zoo, science or children's museum.

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Legos. Can't say it enough!
My son is a video game freak too....he's 17 now...but still at 17, when he finds himself grounded off the video games, out comes the tote full of legos!! he still likes them.



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Legos! my grandsons love them (as did my son). they never out-grow them. the sets can be expensive, so it's nice when they get them as a gift.



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We've found Tech Decks (finger skateboards) to be popular on the 9 yo circuit. They remind me of the cars with tracks that were popular when I was little. My 5 yo nephew is getting a truck that hd can push around from us plus one kid book.



answers from Kalamazoo on

If you want something they'll play with, but isn't 'bout action figures from their favorite games? They can create new stories with characters they love.



answers from Dallas on

remote control plane or car, Bop It, you can find out their favorite movies and get the book to go with it (Harry Potter, Diary of a Whimpy Kid, Cars), there are video games that teach math and geography (my son loves his), gift cards to something the family can do together, camping stuff



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My son is 4 1/2- h eloves Tinkertoys, wooden building blocks. Tonka came out with new truck that the kids can take the wheels off and put new ones on. It comes with 2 sets. I think it is called the Tonka Garage. I got it at Target for 9.99, but they have bigger trucks for 19.99. He loves taking the truck and tires apart


answers from Dover on

Why not get them a gift certificate to their local skating rink, bowling alley, or something like that? That way, you aren't sending money but you are supporting the video game addiction?

On the other hand, it is really up to the parents to monitor/limit electronics so why not get them something you know they will enjoy?



answers from San Diego on

Here are some ideas:

* board games or jigsaw puzzles
* toy cars or trains
* depending on how much you want to spend and what they already have, a scooter, bike, skates
* music player
* model airplane
* toy microscope
* chemistry set
* legos or lincoln logs
* kites
* art set



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I would for the 9 year old by a lego there are so many different sets. I would do like a three in one called crator there cool like he can build a helicopter plain or truck. Or maybe do like a lego city there some nice ones but there expensive so i don't know how much your going to spend. But theres all kinds with all prices. Another thing for a nine year old would be K'nex's they can build with those. If they have ds gaming unit. they have brain age game or like monopoly scrabble stuff like that you could buy them. I know you really didn't want to do games you could also get a borders or barnes n nobles gift card for them. The five year old can get legos or maybe some match box cars theres a new hotwheel car that folds down and pops up to be a remote control car and he can sum it. Also for the 9 year old may want to get a rc helicoptoer or a havac helicopter my son turned 8 and he love his.good luck!



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Gift card to see a movie or to a local painted pot/mosaic type place or a family membership to a local museum or zoo perhaps

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