Gifts for 2 and 4 Year-old

Updated on November 23, 2011
K.M. asks from Gardner, MA
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I am at a loss for what to buy for my 2 boys for Christmas (or what to have others buy for them) youngest son's birthday is also in a couple of weeks (he will be 2), so I have to come up with ideas for that as well! My older son is 4.5 years old. I would love any suggestions for toys, games, or other gifts that your kids love or that they loved at these ages - the more specific, the better. Thank you in advance!

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answers from Richmond on

iSpy books! My girls have loved them for forEVER!! The make easier one's that show the picture they need to find (and they're preK-K beginner reading levels), then they make harder one's for older kids (and adults!) It's a great way to get everyone to sit down, read a book, and mind their little minds work ;) I think we have everything iSpy book, game, and puzzle created, LOL, and they never get old! LOVE IT!

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answers from Springfield on

My boys are around the same ages and love all the large Tonka trucks,especially the dump truck (I think it is $25 from their website). The dump truck is large enough for my 2 year old to sit in the back (and be pushed around by his brother). It is a fun toy for indoors or out. Also for a large gift the battery operated cars are wonderful. We have a John Deere Gator that the boys love. My 2 year old loves Thomas the train stuff...Sleeping bags and backpacks are practical ideas as your oldest may need both as he starts school next year....LLBean is recommended for those..Personalized water bottles ( have more ideas but don't want to overwhelm you so just email back if you want more! Good luck! My boys are 5 and 2. (almost 6 and 3). A.



answers from Abilene on

If you don't have a play kitchen I would suggest that. My daughter is 4 and has played with this more than anything. All of her friends that come over (girl and boy) love to play in the kitchen. It is something they both could play with. Maybe get a small table to sit beside it so they can pretend to serve each other (and Mom and Dad).


answers from Dallas on

My youngest DD is 4 and I also watch 4 other 4 year olds. Dress up stuff is the most played with thing in my house. They are all girls but they love the boy stuff the most. :) We have a superman cape, sword and shield, police cap and bulletproof vest, Iron man mask, etc.
Duplo blocks and lincoln logs are big, as well as the melissa and doug magnetic dress up doll (they make ones for boys as well).



answers from Houston on

Don't do Legos! They breed on their own when you aren't looking! lol just kidding.

Books are always a good gift.



answers from Dallas on

My 4.5 yo boy is CRAZY for puzzles right now. Serious puzzles. the 100+ inch piece sized ones - they are like $4.99 and I have bought out Toys R Us. LOL.
Also Playdough, hot wheels, cablea's action sound rifle guns (yes, we hunt and have guns at our house - not for everyone) we also have the bow & arrow sets from cabelas.
Fake food - my kids love to cook like daddy. Wii sports and Mario and leapster dinosaur and coloring games. Thomas the train and playmobiles. Whew! that is my 4 yo. hopefully some fo those items will peak your son's interest too:)

AHH - Edit - flashlights and the little pop up tents are awesome for the 4 and 2 split!


answers from St. Louis on

Here's what my 4.5 (girl) and 2.5 (boy) will be getting for Christmas from us:

Lite Brite
Lite Brite My Lil Pony Refill
Book on Cutting
Gymboree Jammies
Nano Bug
Dobber Markers
Bathtub Crayon

Lite Brite
Transformers Lite Brite Refill
Gymboree Jammies
Mater Truck
Bath Dots
Nano Bug
Dobber Paints
Star Crayon

From Santa for both:
Crawl through tunnel, Dominoes

From Santa for daughter:
Rock Tumbler
My Lil Pony
2 books

From Santa for son:
Thomas the Train trains (4) and a holder
Backpack he can carry
2 books

Hope this helps!!!



answers from Boston on

My boys (3 and 4) want the Mattel color changer set, a marble race, and almost anything cars movie (since we have the cars I'm getting the airplane and train from Cars 2). We got something over the summer called Stomp Rocket and it was a big hit. They also use the big cardboard blocks that look like bricks a lot (though they are a pain to assemble yourself). They are both still into anything train related too. Have a great Christmas!


answers from Houston on

My boys aged almost 4 and almost 2 like the same things. They LOVE the Trio building sets. 4 yo is getting a power rangers megazord and wise-cracking spider-man. 2 yo not sure yet. They may get some more Super-hero squad or imaginext, which they play with together.



answers from Boston on

I have same aged boys, they love the Imaginext sets...Batman, firehouse, Toy Story....they sell them at Target! they are about 40 bucks for each set, but are worth every cent.
I'm planning on getting my older son a themed bed set....sheets and comforter...something like Transformers or Spiderman....he will love that. Also, going to get him the Hot Wheels wall-track...we keep seeing the commericial...looks pretty cool.
My 2 year old LOVES his play vacuum, shopping cart, and baby carriage....we always joke that he will make a wonderful father/husband someday!



answers from Washington DC on

Friend's son just turned 5 and he got lego sets for his birthday and a Cars radio controlled car. Both were big hits.

For the little guy, do you have a ball popper? Or a tool kit? I also like the kitchen idea for them to share. IKEA has some great pans, dishes and food for cheap. DD loves hers. We got her kitchen off Freecycle, though.

Do either of them have a scooter? You could get the 2 a 3 wheeled one and the 4 a regular 2 wheeled one. Radio Flyer and Razor both make the 3 wheelers.

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