Gift to Buy a 4Yr Old When Sister Is Born

Updated on March 23, 2010
S.B. asks from Savannah, GA
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Hi. I have a 4yr old daughter and she has been amazing so far thru my pregnancy. She does not seem bothered at all that her soon to be little sister is getting all sorts of "gifts" (baby supplies, etc). But I don't want her to feel left out. She has a bazillion toys, stuffed animals, etc. Just trying to think of something to buy her so she doesn't feel left out.
I was thinking about a new movie and a new baby doll (even though she has a million but she loves babies). Any other suggestions?

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answers from Atlanta on

My daughter was 3 yr 3 mos when my son was born. We got her a bis sister shirt to wear to the hospital. When she came to visit, she got a pretty bracelet from her brother that had her name in beads.


answers from Dallas on

Hello! My girls are also 4 years apart and as a big sister gift we got her a my little pony doll plus we got her all the doll/baby accessories like a little pack & play, stroller and carrier. She loved playing with it and would mimic with her pony what i did with the baby. She even tried to breastfeed it like mommy! So funny!

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answers from Dallas on

We bought our son one of those kids digital cameras. We told him it was to help take pictures of his baby sister. He is 4 1/2 now and still in love with...he brings it when we go to the zoo or museum.

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answers from Salinas on

Hi- My daughter was almost four when our second daughter arrive. We got her one of those pop up little tent play houses. She loved it. It's an instant fort for inside or out and folds up flat to the size of a big cookie sheet. It was her little place to read books and play and to her was like having a playhouse in our home. During the summer we used it in the yard for both kids. A great "big impact" gift that didn't cost much. Enjoy your new baby!

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answers from Atlanta on

When my two older boys were 4 and 5 I was pregnant with my third, I enrolled them in a "how to" course for big brothers before their new baby brother came home. This was put on for free by the hospital we delivered at.

a few special little gifts ideas - A tiny charm bracelet would be lovely, a big sister shirt (which you could design/decorate or buy already done), a picture frame you two decorate together and when the new baby comes, put a nice pic of big sis and lil sis in.

You could also get big sis her own "mom helper" goodies if she is into baby's and dolls - bottle, binkie, burp cloth, etc. so she can be moms little helper. The hospital usually gives away a small diaper bag to the mom, your daughter could use that as hers.

Hope this helps and congratulations.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

The Princess and The Frog Disney movie?
Dress up clothing?



answers from Atlanta on

maybe a cute little necklace or bracelet or even get her ears pierced

or a kids digital camera



answers from Atlanta on

I am not sure what to get, but my sister had gifts wrapped for my nephew when she brought his new brother home from the hospital and she said they where too her oldest son FROM the baby, thought that was smart and he automatically rec. the baby and the gifts of course, I would try something like that, and maybe remove her from the house, take her to a movie or something too, one on one time???



answers from Santa Barbara on

What about a stroller, sling or shopping cart to put her babies in? So she'll be like Mommy. Then let her use them with you and baby bro/sis.


answers from Saginaw on

I like the FP digital camera idea.

I also wanted to suggest a book about being a big sister. You should even be able to find books about being a big sister to a sister.



answers from Atlanta on

Hello~ How about a t-shirt that reads "Big Sister", books to read and pass on to the baby and/or something to color? Matching shirts and/or colors to wear. Michael's has picture frames to decorate. Take a picture of both of
them for her room. She'll be a happy with anythng you purchase. Congrats and best wishes!


answers from Atlanta on

What are your thoughts of letting your daughter choose something special for herself? If it feels right to you, you could actually convey to her what you mentioned above. That you are proud of her for so maturely handling all the baby gifts and that you would like her to have something special too. You could evn make a big deal out of it and plan a special shopping trip she could really look forward to.

I love the concept of positive feedback for kids because it is an incredibly powerful motivator. Acknowledging positive emotions pulls them out more and builds emotional intelligence which is vital to the long term success of kids.

I love your idea of getting her a doll. If she chooses , she could take her of the doll while you take care of your newborn.

Hearty congratulations to you.

Best of luck




answers from Athens on

I think it would be a wonderful idea if your 4 year old was able to pick out a gift to give her little sister as well. She can join the celebration and the tradition of giving a gift to the new arrival. I would bet she would be so proud of the gift she picks out for her sister. Tell her often of stories about her pending birth and how everyone gave her gifts as well and how everyone was sooo excited when she arrived.

I think that would be a better lesson. Otherwise she might think that every time her sister gets gifts, she is entitled to a gift too. When her b'day comes, she will be the center of attention and she will be showered with gifts as well.

Congratulations on your new baby and I wish you a safe and wonderful delivery.



answers from Kansas City on

We bought our son(3 1/2) some of his favorite small toys like, paydough, puzzles, gum etc., and we wrapped them up and gave them to him at the hospital the day his baby brother was born. We told them they were from his brother and he was so excited his brother got him his favorite toys! He hasn't acted like he feels left out or anything so far, and it's been two months and he does wonderful w/ his little brother! We try really hard to include him in everything we do w/ the baby, even changing diapers.



answers from Columbus on

When we had our second one three months ago, we got our daughter a Big Sister shirt (it said big sister on it) to wear to the hospital. That way the staff and anyone around gave her lots of attention upon arrival. I like the idea of having the baby give her a gift at the hospital!



answers from Indianapolis on

Our son really wanted a Buzz Lightyear, so we got that as a big brother gift. He was only 21 months. He didn't really get the whole baby thing.

Have you considered making a special date with her instead of getting her a gift? Yes, she sees all the things the new baby are getting, but the hardest part will be the shift of sole attention on her to being much more on a newborn.

I'm hoping we'll have a 3rd and am anticipating it will be harder on our daughter than it was on our son. If I could plan anything, it would be a special play date with just Mommy and then just Daddy - whatever she wants to do to know she's as important as she was before the baby.

Good luck.



answers from Dallas on

get her an american girl bitty baby and some "supplies" to go with it - then she can feed/change/burp her baby as you are doing the same with your baby.

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