Gift Registry for Twins

Updated on January 10, 2011
R.T. asks from Orlando, FL
12 answers

I am throwing a shower for my cousin in a few weeks and she needs help with a registry. She is expecting twin girls and I while I can help with all of the basics I was hoping for some guidance on anything additional she should register for with twins or what she should get two of.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I just had twins 9 months ago and I would suggest she register for plenty of diapers and wipes. She will never have enough. If she is going to bottle feed I would also have her add a lot. Oh, I almost forgot that she might want enough bibs too. I hope all of this helps.

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answers from Gainesville on

The SwaddleMe is the best thing since sliced bread-it was the only way my son slept through the night for the first few months and I give it as a gift to every new mom from now on. You can always swaddle using a couple of blankets, like nurses do in the hospital, but this is ten times easier and baby will sleep cuddly, like in the womb :-) i would say register for lots of diapers, wipes, and onesies (less laundry for mom to do). Thats what I would suggest, from personal experience.



answers from Orlando on

Samantha...we so think alike...that is the FIRST thing that came to my mind...2 swings...and 2 pack and plays. LOTS of diapers (both major brands) in different sizes. Extra white crib sheets and plastic crib mattress covers are also a must. Congrats to your cousin...and God bless you all. Love, B. ~ mother of 3 1/2 year old boy/girl twins, and married for almost 14 years! Yikes :)
P.S. Babies R Us has "twin discounts" if you buy the 2 carseats,2 swings,etc at the same can get 10% off and the $10 off (if you have their coupon)...use this for all the larger items if you can.



answers from Daytona Beach on

This is from my blog, Hope it helps!

Baby Lust: Top 5 Must Have Baby Gear List
1. Skip Hop Play Spot: I love this company, because they make the most mundane things look and work better. I love Splash, the coolest looking bottle drying rack ever, and the Toolbox, a diaper caddy (which I don't use for diapers, since I find it too small - I use it for all the miscellaneous lotions, hair accessories, nail clippers, etc. that accumulate downstairs). But my favorite Skip Hop product is the Play Spot is a set of interlocking EVA foam tiles that provide a safe, padded, and best of all, cool-looking surface for babies and toddlers to play on. It's easy to clean and the forgiving surface has saved Lola from dozens of nasty spills. We have it in pink and brown. $79 to cover 70" x 56" (we have four sets to cover our entire play area) LINK

2. Svan High Chair: Everything a high chair should be! It's infinitely adjustable, super easy to clean, light enough to move around, and takes up very little space in your kitchen. And it looks great. About $250 LINK

3. Primo EuroBath: This contoured bathtub is molded to fit a baby safely and comfortably. With Eva, who is 4 months old, I use a padded insert from Leach (available at but in a month or two, she will graduate to just the tub and it will last until she's at least 1 year old. About $30 LINK

4. Oeuf Baby Lounger: When I first registered for this bouncer, my sister teased me because it lacks the bells and whistles that the other bouncers have. So I bought both a regular ugly Fisher Price bouncer with toys and music, and this one as well, because it's the best looking bouncer on the market. It's completely un-cheesy. I've found it to be really useful for my babies to catch a little quiet time, and it's a lot easier than a regular bouncer to lug around from room to room. When Lola was an infant, she cried every time we took her out of the bath, so we spread a towel on this bouncer and placed her in it and immediately started bouncing it up and down to keep her from crying. (Any bouncer with a towel draped over it makes a great safe place to put a slippery baby after a bath, especially when bathing her alone). $98 LINK

5. Vice Versa Pacifier: Again, a company that makes the most ordinary things look extraordinary. This Italian company makes hip, whimsical baby feeding accessories, and the coolest pacifier out there. Featuring a big, squishy bubble instead of a ring and a very convenient, hygienic case, this has been Lola's favorite from the start. $10.50 LINK

Baby Lust: The Next Five Favorites

1. Graco Pack 'n Play: Okay, I always swore I would never use a play yard, because I thought it was an easy way to neglect your baby. But this is really a lifesaver. For Lola, I used it for occasional naps at Grandma's house when one of her cousins was using the crib, but now that she is an active, rambunctious toddler, this provides a safe place to park Eva, the baby, temporarily. I love the changing table insert, which is where I change all of Eva's diapers downstairs, safely away from her big sister. She gets some tummy time in there, and I plan on packing it up to take to my in-laws in Illinois this summer to use as a bed for one of the babies (not sure which one, yet, but probably Eva). My only complaint: it's quite ugly. Oh, well.

2. Frog Pod: Boon is another one of those hip companies that makes great-looking baby gear, and this product is just ingenious. It is a big green plastic frog that is actually a scoop you can use to whisk baby toys out of the bathtub. Since it drains, you can scoop up all the toys, rinse them under the tap, and then hang it on the wall in its base. So clever. I also love this big furry beanbag that the company makes. It arrives empty, but you use it to store all of your child's stuffed animals. When it's full, it's a cushy bean bag with little mesh windows so they can see their animals. Lola has it in pink.

3. Kiddopotamus bib and placemat: Kiddopotamus makes these cool, soft silicone bibs and placemats that are the best on the market. The bibs have huge crumb catchers and wash clean with soap and water, and they look cool. They have saved so many of Lola's outfits (not too mention saved me from having to clean up the floor so many times) and they give her a second chance at that elusive dropped bite. I don't know why anyone would use bibs without crumb catchers. The other great product is made of the same soft silicone, but it's a big placemat that suctions to any table surface, wiht its own crumb catcher. It's a great surface for baby to eat off of at restaurants. When Lola was eating just finger food, I would often give her Cheerios, cheese, cut-up grapes, etc to eat right off the placemat! I really consider these items to be absolute musts once your baby starts solids. I got mine at One Step Ahead.

4. Snack Trap: Okay, this is another one of the best inventions ever. It's a little snack cup with a lid that has little openings so that your baby can reach the snack, without it falling out. I LOVE this. It was one of the only things that kept Lola happy in the car. I would fill it with fruit, Cheerios, raisins, those Gerber fruit puffs or any other small snack imaginable and she would just munch away in the back of the car, without making a mess! They're availabe at Babies R Us and One Step Ahead (I swear I don't work for the company!).

5. Bottlelink: This is the only product on the list that I don't actually own yet. It's a plastic link chain designed to keep baby's bottle, pacifier, or sippy cup from falling out of the stroller. I plan to use it to keep Lola from tossing her sippy cup in the car and then asking for it immediately afterwards. I just ordered two, one for the car seat and one for the stroller.

Mommy Gear: Getting it Together
The Mia Bossi. It's the ultimate posh mommy accessory. It's luxe, stylish and super-practical, with a canvas body and beautiful leather trim. They've thought of everything, from tons of inside pockets to two brilliant side pockets for sippy cups, bottles, etc. It's absolutely my go-to, can't live without it, can't believe I didn't spot it sooner bag. It's roomy enough to hold everything you need for a plane ride with two babies, but light enough that you won't mind toting it around town, carrying just the essentials. It even comes with a totally glam changing pad backed with faux fur. I have the Maria in Exotic Pink. I like the Maria style the best, but they also have several, including smaller versions, a backpack style, and even one for dad, the "Rex." Love it. They even have bottle insulators and stroller clips available. $470 LINK

On days when I'm leaving the bag behind, I love the SkipHop Diaper Changing Wallet: I got this at Target for about $20, and it's such a steal for something I use every day. It's got one of those retro modern graphic designs in a chocolate brown/pink combo (other colors available too, of course) and inside it holds just the essentials: wipes (it comes with a wipes case that is clear, so you can see when you've run out - genius), diapers, and a changing pad (included). When you open the flap, one side is mesh for storing diapers, but the other side is zippered, with the pad and wipes case, so you can stash a couple of other little things in it. I always have one of Eva's pacis in it, just in case. There is a little ring that you can use to hook it onto your stroller, the outside of your diaper bag, or to hold like a bag. I love it for quick trips, and I love not having to dig through my diaper bag, which in my Bugaboo is buried under the seat, just to get a diaper or wipe! LINK

Baby Lust: The Product Edition
1. Noodle & Boo Conditioning Hair Mist: This super-fine conditioning mist is perfect for Lola's baby fine hair. It easily removes tangles without weighing her hair down, adds shine and smells wonderful. We use it every night after her bath.
2. Earth Mama Angel Baby Shampoo and Wash: This foaming mousse is my husband's top pick for washing Lola's hair and body. (He is in charge of her nightly bath). He likes that it's convenient and easy to use, and that her hair seems much more manageable afterwards. And I love the herby scent!
3. Original Little Sprout Scrumptious Body Cream: This just smells like baby - there's no other way to put it. It's velvety soft, edible, and just scrumptious - like the name says. I'm obsessed!
4. Burt's Bees Shampoo & Wash: I have to say I'm a fan of all of their baby products, from the yummy-smelling Buttermilk Baby Lotion to the equally delicious Apricot Baby Oil. The shampoo bar and bath bar are great for travel. Right now I am loving the Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash for Eva. It smells amazing and has a really mild gentle lather.
5. California Baby Super Sensitive No Fragrance Baby Wash: I used this in the first couple of months of Eva's life. It's super gentle yet very cleansing. Lola also loves their bubble baths, and I also use their gentle bug repellent spray on her legs before she goes outside. A great line that I used to have to buy on the internet, it's now available at Target.



answers from Fort Walton Beach on

get her a'll need two car seats, two bouncy chairs, two boppy pillows, two strollers (get one that's side by side and one that's tandem)...she'll only need one crib for about 7-9 months. then she'll need to get another one. get two baby bjorns... get one infant bath...we only got one swing and it was just fine. lots and lots of diapers and friends to cook hot meals. we got one pack and play initially and then needed two when they got older (1yr). that's all I can was all a blur and mine are 22 months old!



answers from Washington DC on

I think that the obvious things are:

2 car seats
pjs (buy some that are intended for preemies. About 6 sets should do for the beginning)
one swing
one vibrating chair (they alternate)
bathing soap and shampoo
breast pump?
The not so obvious:

Bebe Bottle sling (helps during feedings)
Bosom Twin Nursing Pillow
Twintrexx Twin Baby Carrier
Twin Highchair

It's great to register at a mega store but try finding stores that cater to multiples. I found one that was called

Hope this helped!



answers from Daytona Beach on

I have 2 1/2 month old twin boys and there are a handful of things that I'm grateful that we got at the baby shower.

By far, the most useful thing we got was a double stroller. I keep it in the back of the van and everywhere we go, it comes out. I also love the bouncer chairs and the swings (we got two of each).

If she's breastfeeding, they make a twin nursing pillow that I've heard is very useful. But if they're going to be bottlefed, be sure to stock up on bottles. When the boys came home, we were going through 16 a day. Get plenty of clothes and blankets and all that, so you're not doing 8 loads of laundry every day.

I hope your cousin has as much fun with her twins as I'm having with mine!



answers from Jacksonville on

diapers...diapers...diapers. IMO, that and formula (or breat pump) is the best gifts to give. Or gift cards.

No need to put clothes on the list because she will get those anyway.

The wipe warmer is a waste of time so don't add that. the bottle warmer is a waste of time. So is the diaper genie.



answers from Jacksonville on

I would say one of everything... one bouncer, one swing, one pack in play, one tub (one swing and one bouncer because one might not like the swing but will like the bouncer and vice versa, one pack in play because they can both fit in the same crib till they are over a year and after that you really don't need one)... 2 tummy time playmats, 2 boppy pillows(great for tummy time)... I would say don't worry about baby monitors unless she lives in a large house.
I had my twin boys sleep in the same crib till they were 3 months old in our room then moved them to their own cribs in their room worked great for us. And of course the obvious stuff, 2 cars seats, one great stroller and LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of diapers and formula.
Everything else is just extra stuff. Hope this helps!
Oh and someone mentioned the twin nursing pillow... I had one and it didn't work that well for me, but it might work for her! =)



answers from Jacksonville on

i would make sure she is able to get two cradle style ( fisher Price) swings. These go coth ways, front to back or side to side. Every baby likes to swing differently than others and this swings will ensure that each baby will be happy. The girls will take longer naps in a swing, giving her the security of knowing they are safe and sleeping so she can rest or shower herself. Remind her that even if the babies don't take to the swing immediately, keep trying, even if you have to lay a sleeping baby in it to get them used to the swing. Having two will allow her to have one in her room, too to put a baby back to sleep that wakes in the middle of the night. This will help get them on a normal day/night schedule in the beginning. If she is going to breastfeed, the Medela elctric dual pump will allow her to get the most milk the easiest, allowing someone else to feed on occasion, although many moms feed twins or triplets easily without ever pumping and ounce. A pack n play with a full bassinet on top ( minus the changing table area) is best because the two babies can lay side by side up at her waist level in the living room. dividers for the crib are helpful so they don't wake each other up, but can still hear and smell each other. Twins like to sleep together.



answers from Ocala on

Definitely 2 swings...2 podee's if she is not breast feeding,&
2 highchairs..



answers from Jacksonville on

Hi tell your cousin congradulations on her twins. I have 7 year old twins a boy and a girl. I would recommend getting two swings and two highcairs. The swing thing may seem a little much but I was really glad to get my second swing.It really helps if you are trying to do something and you are worried about them getting hurt and it is something mine really liked. Also if she is planning on using any bottles it helps to have two boppy pillows so you can sit them in them and be able to hold both bottles.

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