Gift Ideas for Teacher Returning from Maternity Leave

Updated on December 07, 2012
J.A. asks from Grosse Ile, MI
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My daughter's 2nd grade teacher is returning after her maternity leave. I would like to give her a small welcome back gift. Does anyone have any nice poems or ideas that are sensitive to her transition back to teaching after having her first little one?

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answers from Little Rock on

Check Pintrest! They have some of the most fabulous ideas on how to put together relatively cheap, but useful gift ideas for teachers. I promise you won't be disappointed!

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answers from Denver on

My daughter had a teacher leave to have a baby around that same grade. We put together a scrapbook- had each kid in the class color a picture and put their name on the page, and then write down their 'advice' on raising a baby. We gave them prompts to help, like "kids like it best when moms (and dads)...." "the best thing about babies is...." etc. They were hysterical and adorable, and the teacher cried the whole time looking through the book. And since each kid did their own page at home, it was no big project at all, just had to get a cute album to put them in.

Anyway, if you are just wanting to do something from only your daughter, just have her make her own page. Just a nicely decorated scrapbook type page. Google a poem about motherhood, and maybe have your daughter write her advice as well. Then the teacher can either frame it, or put it in the baby book or along with other cards she received at showers, etc. Nice of you to think of her!

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answers from Detroit on

An outfit for the little one and a spa gift for her

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answers from Detroit on

When I had to return I had a small frame with my son for on my desk. That might be nice. I don't know of a particular poem, but a note from your daughter saying how much she missed her would be a nice touch, too

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